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    Being able to bhop and run around the map when you're dead would be a lot more entertaining than spectating. It also gives you the chance to get familiar with the map and it's surroundings. You would be invisible to the Deaths/Runners, than way they don't get confused and waste a trap/think that is the right door and ect. I can't think of any problems this would cause, but yeah.
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    Remember to search before making suggestion posts to ensure things haven't been suggested before peior to creating a new post.
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    I went through 2 pages and searched for it, couldn't find anything.
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    @MangoTango @Alpha Wolfy This is a suggestion for players to be able to run freely on the death run maps instead of being stuck in spectator. This is completely different from the other suggestions that you posted links to.

    1: This shouldn't be much more taxing on the server than having a full server would (maybe a small difference in performance because of the invisibility layers that would be added to people, and other scripts to prevent live/dead player interaction)
    2: This would be a good way for people to practice that certain jump or trap while waiting on the servers for a new game
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    My bad; it was mainly the deathmatch part that I was linking. I have since redacted my original post.

    I like the idea of a BHop practice arena; I think it could be possible with no texture other than one or two colors.
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    I understand that you can practice bhoping or do other things,and it is a fun thing to do,but there are a few problems with adding it.Here is an example,on the Mario map when you fall in the water it makes a Sound,but when you are a ghost and you fall in the water the game keeps making the sound and it can be very annoying for other players to listen to.There are a few other maps that have this same problem to.Since you can always turn the game sound off this wouldn't be a big problem,but since most people don't know how that could be a problem.I like the idea of being able to bhop around and have fun so for now I an neutral about this idea.
    Also if you don't understand what I said about the sound I can always provide a video.