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Discussion in 'Minecraft Suggestions' started by neutral, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Hey all,

    We have had a lot of discussions recently about server resets, and fixing the economy.

    I think advertising is one of the features that SeriousMC is REALLY lacking at the moment.

    When the server started we were actually doing pretty well for the first few weeks. This is because we have a huge, loyal, TTT playerbase. That playerbase is just that however- a TTT playerbase. A lot of these players quickly became bored of Minecraft and I can see how this would happen- especially with Vanilla Minecraft (whether we should have modded servers, and I think we should, is a different discussion).

    What I think Serious MC needs the most is to pull in some advertising so we can get some Minecraft players to join us in our community rather than trying to convert players from other gamemodes.

    One prime example is our planetminecraft page. As far as I'm aware, this is one of the top sources of advertising by periodically "bumping" the advertisement. At the time of this post however, it hasn't been bumped in over 29 days. Plus, we don't even have the auction system anymore. We've added the player stores. We've added a day/night PvP system- yet none of this is updated. What's going on?

    We have also had a user (forgive me- I can't find the post at the moment) offer to make a banner ad for paid advertisement purposes.

    I think if we can actually pull in a Minecraft crowd- rather than trying to convert out TTT playerbase the server could see a lot more success- and we'd even be able to pull in some valuable ideas from Minecraft players based on some of those who may have some more diversity in the types of servers they have played in.

    Tagging those that are relevant:
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    I am in the process of getting the account information on those advertising sites from @Deathbyrussian so I can take over advertising. I will admit that we dropped the ball on that front and will be more attentive to it moving forward as soon as I have access to do so.
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  3. neutral

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    I really appreciate the reply.

    There's another point I forgot to mention in my post. I've suggested this in the past with a overwhelmingly postive response from the playerbase.

    How about cross-advertising between the Garry's Mod servers and the Minecraft servers? Nearly every time I play TTT and Minecraft comes up there are multiple players that arn't even aware that we have a minecraft server to begin with.
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  4. Highwon

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    I updated the server list in game to be bigger so the minecraft server is visible without needing to scroll.
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