[ACCEPTED] Remove or Resize Timon

Discussion in 'Player Models' started by Tinbuster00, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Tinbuster00

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    I use the model the majority of the time cause it's a funny/annoying little thing. That being said, it's just too small.
    Standing up you stand below the crouch height of a normal model. When crouching, the player model is half in the ground as well.

    Cause of its size you can hide from deaths on many portions of maps. Here are some quick examples.

    It's a rather low quality model as well.
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  2. ArcticFox29

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    A HUGE +1 from me,
    The player model is way to small and it's extremely hard for the death to try to kill them.Sometimes you can get through traps because of your player model size,for example the spikes on ice world you can duck under them if your player model is small enough(I am not sure if it's with Timone).I think that it would be fair if we either make the size bigger or just remove it.
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  6. tz-

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    they're literally the same size!

    sinz please
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  9. tz-

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    2 ears the width of a few pixels and half a head of height zoomin around at the speed of sound doesn't really help much

    a small model shouldnt be accepted just because it's a little bit bigger than a smaller model
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  10. Carned

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    Furries are going to have a field day on DR now
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