A Serious G-Mod Appreciation Post

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    Hey, Guys Irish Here!
    This post is essentially me being gay and talking about my time here on serious!
    As people may or may not know I got here around the start of 2018 and it wasn't that long ago but it's long enough around the end of 2018 I applied for mod and I got it, as of January this year I passed two years in the community and one year as admin, During this time I've seen highs and lows of the staff team and the community and I guess I'm gonna talk about it even though literally not a single soul asked about it lmao!

    The first thing I guess is something I've wanted to mention for a bit, the mods I've had and gone underneath myself during my time as admin!
    • @Siddo - Even though you won't see this <3
    • @The Trashman - You resigned and broke my heart
    • @scuffed water - You got admin and then lead, and yes I will count that as my accomplishment
    • @Jabba the Slut - You also got admin (again) and the Lead so yes that is also my accomplishment
    • @Aria - You come and go from the team but you'll always be #TeamIntercontinental <3
    • @Agent Knockout - You resigned then ended up with someone else forever missed
    • @SAVE.THE.SEATURTLES - You were chill but didn't stick around long
    • @Peach - You did switch teams but I enjoyed our time together
    • @Panda With a Gun - You were a good mod shame I lost you!
    • @DMC Dante - Glad you got mod again!
    • @a n d y ツ - You dipped </3
    • @Kearnzy- You also come and go, miss you bb
    • @Falcon- Lost you twice so double oof there
    • @GusyNeitor - miss you!
    • @Credence - You got admin too so good job bb!
    • @Frosty - Come back soon ._.
    The next people I'll show love too is my current team
    • @SavannahBanana - You're stinky but ily!
    • @Pixie.Danni - You're literally a cool gamer but please take care of yourself whilst doing it!
    • @JesstheMess - You're my baby atm but I have a lot of faith in you to do well!
    Now on to admins I guess!
    • @olivia - You were my first admin for that I will be forever grateful, shame you had to go!
    • @wink - IDK if you even remember but you were my admin for about 2/3 days lol
    • @Siddo - Shame you also won't see this but before you were my mod you were my admin lol
    • @Lion - You were also my admin but I guess you won't see this either...
    • @DocFox - You were the baddest bitch and you promoted me to admin so there's that! miss you
    • @Pacifist - You're my newest admin and you've always treated me well (some would say there are times when I was less than deserving of it lol... and they'd be right but you always stood by me)
    Now I guess why I made this.

    If anyone ever decides to read this I assume you'd be like "hmm? It looks like a resignation or a farewell to me!" and you would, unfortunately, be wrong ( for those of you hoping it would be lol) I'm making this post because to a certain extent I've been neglecting my position here and taking it for granted, the truth is I love this community I'm still young so at times with being in school and whatnot it's almost like I haven't got the time to commit as much as I should and for that I'm sorry, but with the anniversaries of my arrival and my beginning of tenure as admin and what not I've decided that I wanna stick around and to do so I have to do my part, so take this post as maybe even an introduction? because that's essentially what it is!
    Hi, I'm Irish and I'm the coolest admin around (sorry @Fear☠ @Lordyhgm @Voca @Credence @Ashes Relandi ) And I guess that's the story of why I'm making this.

    The dudes and the moments ig.

    There are times and people I'll never forget on SGM whether its the EU2 Gang alongside people like lordy and trinityblade. There's all the staff and admins and leads even I've seen come and go, there are new people joining the community who I've become friends with! There's people leaving the community who I've known since the beginning, and to be honest there's a lot of people coming back to the community after along time and sideswiping me with questions or just asking what's changed and how or whos come and gone!

    The conclusion bb!

    Uhm so if you've gotten this far just know I'm sorry I couldn't go ahead and tag every single person I've come to know during my time here but you all know who you are! I personally think my experiences here are some I wouldn't change I've grown and like to think I get along with a decent portion of the community and although I've come to be known by some if not most as the absent admin I guess that's something I could change although I'm not always on the front lines like I'm expected to be I try with my mods behind the scenes I'd like to think they'd all say that I've done a good job but hey! maybe that's just in my head I'm a bit delusional at times lol! So being honest the only thing I'd change here at the community is that I'd like to have been around more from the beginning but hey, you grow and you learn and as this has been my first and only TTT staff tenure I hope I've done at least some people proud!

    TY for listening to my TED Talk / Psychotic rant and I hope to see you again in the future!
    Love Yall!

    EDIT: Some of the tags messed up but meh whatchu gonna do
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    Thanks for the volunteering <3

    I know I might critize the mod team a lot but y'all do honestly rock. And help this community so THANK YOU U BITCHES!
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    Oh i guess i dont get tagged
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    me when whoops i tagged the wrong you bb
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    He missed highwon @Irish
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    I can't believe that someone that i haven't talked to all that much didn't tag me >:-(
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    Where my tag I'm the most Bruh of Moments
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    Sir you got a tag
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    @everyone you guys are great and deserve some love <3