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  1. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - http://imgur.com/a/LfHNY Emerald


    This is a megathread created by @Disruptionz with the help of @Deathbyrussian and @irritatingness aimed to assist all players in certain aspects of the Serious Minecraft Servers. This is to have all helpful knowledge in one, searchable area, and to stop the need to sift through threads to find something. This may easily be expanded upon. Please let @Disruptionz know if anything needs to be fixed with this megathread.

    List of General Plugins/Commands
    Information about Worlds
    Mob Arenas
    PvP Arenas

    Grief Prevention

    Economy(Trading/Auction/Global Market)

    Voting & Rewards
    More to Come!

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  2. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - http://imgur.com/a/LfHNY Emerald


    There are many commands on
    Serious Minecraft, so we will mention all the important commands that we feel are used the most often. If you want all possible commands for a certain plugin, either type /help <pluginname> or look up the plugin on the internet.

    NOTE: Do not include any < > symbols included, these are arguments for the commands.

    General Commands:
    • /help - displays commands for Essentials
    • /rtp - randomly teleports you
    • /spawn - teleports you to spawn
    • /sethome <homename> - sets a home at your current location
    • /home <homename> - teleports you to the specified home
    • /warp - displays a list of warps
    • /warp <warpname> - teleports you to the specified warp
    • /tpa <playername> - requests to teleport to target player
    • /tpaccept - accepts most recent /tpa request
    • /tpdeny - denies most recent /tpa request
    • /mystats - displays your stats
    • /apply - displays the link to apply for moderator
    • /store - displays the link to our store
    • /reward - claim your DailyCrate key
    • @<message> - start your message with @ to send your message to all online staff members

    • /auction - displays all commands
    • /auction start <amount> <price> [increment] [autowin] - starts an auction for the item in your hand. <amount> is the amount of the item, <price> is the price, [increment] is how much each bid adds, and [autowin] is the price that auto-wins the bid
    • /auction info - displays current auction info
    • /auction bid <amount> - bid on an auction
    • /auction end - ends your auction
    • /auction cancel - cancels your auction
    • /market - displays the GlobalMarket UI
    • /market listings <search> - search the GlobalMarket listings for the item specificed
    • /market create <price> <amount> - creates a GlobalMarket listing of the item in your hand
    • /market send <player> <amount> - sends the item in your hand to the player specificed
    • /buyclaimblocks <x> - purchases x amount of claim blocks for $30 in-game/block
    • /help griefprevention - displays all of the GriefPrevention commands in-game. For help on how to use GriefPrevention, see the GriefPrevention Guide.
    • /spleef list - lists all available Spleef arenas
    • /spleef join <arenaname> - joins the specified arena
    • /spleef leave - leaves the current arena
    • /spleef stats - displays your personal Spleef stats
    • /spleef stats top - displays the top 10 Spleef players on the server
    • /jobs - displays all jobs commands
    • /jobs browse - opens the Jobs GUI that displays all available jobs
    • /jobs join <jobname> - joins the specified job
    • /jobs leave <jobname> - leaves the specified job
    • /mcmmo help - displays all McMMO commands
    • /stats - displays your McMMO stats
    • /mctop - displays the top 10 McMMO Players on the server
    • /mcrank - displays your rank in each skill
    • /<skillname> - displays information about the specified skill
    • /ma arenas - lists all available arenas
    • /ma join <arenaname> - joins the specified arena
    • /ma leave - leaves the current arena
    • /ma players <arenaname> - lists the players in the specified arena
    • /ma notready <arenaname> - lists unreadied players in specified arena
    • /mypet - displays all commands for MyPet
    • /petinfo - displays info about your pet
    • /petrelease - frees your pet
    • /petsendaway - stores your pet
    • /petcall - gets your pet out of storage
    For more info on the MyPet plugin, see the MyPet guide.

    • /bal - displays your balance
    • /pay <player> <amount> - pays the specified player the specified amount
    • /trade <player> - sends the specified player a trade request. Must be within 15 blocks of the person to do this
    • /trade accept - accepts most recent trade request
    • /trade deny - denies most recent trade request
    • /sa exp or /sa xp - displays your SeriousArena level/experience
    • /sv votes - shows your total votes
    • /vote - shows all the voting links
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  3. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - http://imgur.com/a/LfHNY Emerald


    This is a list of the worlds on the server.

    Survival World:
    This is the main world on our server. This is where all Survival aspects take place. The world is completely custom, made by me (Deathbyrussian), using the plugin TerrainControl. There are over 90 custom trees, a handful of custom biomes, along with meticulous changes made to every single biome (Ocean included... I'm thorough..) to make them feel more realistic.

    Unfortunately, TerrainControl's village generation system is broken so I had to turn village spawning off in the Survival World. All other structures, such as Jungle Temples, the Mansion, etc. are spawning.
    To negate the lack of Villages, we've made Villager eggs purchasable at the Server Store for in-game money, and they're relatively cheap. All Villager types spawn from these eggs. You can type
    /warp market to purchase the eggs.

    You can view an album of images and biomes here: http://imgur.com/a/LfHNY

    Spawn World:
    This is the Spawn World of our server. From here, you can get to every other world through one of the portals.

    Market World:
    The Market World is where all of the Server Store and Crates are, along with the Hall of Heroes.

    The Server Store:
    For more info on Crates, see the Crates Guide.
    The Hall of Heroes is a literal hall of the top players on the server. Each Leaderboard displays the top 3 players in a certain area, such as top money, top McMMO level, etc.

    Arena World:
    The Arena World contains all of our mini-games. Spleef, Mobarena, and Parkour are all in this world. You can access each arena either with commands or with the portals located around the Arena World spawn.

    PvP World:
    The PvP World contains all of our PvP Arenas. Since PvP isn't a huge focal point of the Survival World, we've made an easy way for you to fight against players either for fun or for gear.
    For more info on the PvP Arenas and how they work, see the PvP Arena Guide.

    Creative Worlds:
    We have two Creative Worlds on the server: the Custom Creative World and the Flat Creative World. Both Creative Worlds use GriefPrevention just like the Survival World, but you can only build in land claimed by you in the Creative Worlds.

    The Custom Creative World has the same custom world as the Survival World, just with a different Seed.

    The Flat Creative World is just a Flat World. There are villages spread around.

    To access the Creative Worlds, you can either purchase a rank on our store, or you can vote 50 times (5 times per day, 10 days total) and be granted access.
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  4. Deathbyrussian

    Deathbyrussian Creator of Worlds - http://imgur.com/a/LfHNY Emerald


    There are two Arena Worlds on Serious Minecraft: The Arena World and the PvP World.
    We also have a custom leveling plugin,
    SeriousArena, written by @irritatingness, that gives you access to better MobArena classes as you play the arenas.

    List of commands in this guide:
    • /warp arena - warps you to the Arena World
    • /warp pvp - warps you to the PvP World
    • /ma arenas - shows a list of joinable MobArenas
    • /ma join <arenaname> - join the specified MobArena. Don't include the < > symbols
    • /ma leave - leaves the arena that you're in
    • /sa exp or /sa xp - shows your SeriousArena level and experience
    • /spleef list - shows a list of joinable Spleef Arenas
    • /spleef join <arenaname> - join the specified Spleef Arena. Don't include the < > symbols
    • /spleef stats - display your personal Spleef stats
    • /spleef stats top - display the top 10 Spleef players
    Current MobArenas:
    • Acura
    • Brimstone
    • Downfall
    • Overgrown
    • Requiem
    Current Spleef Arenas:
    • Frozen

    Arena World
    The Arena World is where the MobArena, Parkour, and Spleef mini-games are located. The Arena World warp location is organized as a circle, with all of the arenas at the edge of the circle.
    To enter an arena, simply walk into the water/lava to be entered into the arena.

    The Arena World has a separate inventory from all other worlds. You cannot bring pets into this world.

    You can warp to the Arena World by either using the left portal in the Spawn World, or by typing
    /warp arena


    PvP World

    The PvP World is where our PvP Arenas are located. The PvP Arenas are drop-in arenas that allow you to fight with other players. The arenas are always open. You can join and leave the arenas at will. You bring your own gear to these arenas.
    There are two types of PvP Arenas: Casual and Competitive. Each arena will be labeled with one of these two types.
    In the Casual arenas, no gear is lost on death. You will respawn in the arena when you die and continue fighting.
    In the
    Competitive arenas, all gear is lost on death. You will respawn back at the spawn location for the PvP World on death.

    You cannot bring Pets into the PvP World.

    We currently have 5 MobArenas. All of the arenas use the SeriousArena class system (see below).
    Each arena gives rewards based on how many waves you've completed. The waves get progressively more challenging and there are boss waves.

    You can view a list of MobArenas by typing
    /ma arenas.
    You can join an arena by typing
    /ma join <arenaname> (no < > symbols).
    You can leave an arena by typing
    /ma leave.


    SeriousArena is a custom plugin that allows you to level up from killing mobs in the MobArenas.
    It also makes mobs drop emeralds in the MobArenas, which you can then use to buy gear and consumables (arrows, healing potions, food, etc.) within an arena.

    All arenas have an Arena Store. They are hidden throughout the maps, although in some of them they are quite easy to find.
    Arena Store looks like this:


    You can see that every class has its own item to purchase. For example, only the Swordsman class can purchase a Diamond Sword mid-Arena. The cost at the bottom is in Emeralds, which will be obtained by killing mobs in the arena. Each mob will drop between 0 and 5 emeralds.
    To purchase something on the board, simply right click it with anything. You will be denied purchase if you don't have enough emeralds or you aren't the appropriate class.

    There are classes for the leveling system. The classes are:
    • Swordsman - Uses powerful swords.
    • Archer - Uses a bow. You can buy different arrows types in a MobArena using emeralds dropped by mobs.
    • Axeman - Uses powerful axes.
    • Tank - Uses weak weapons with knockback but very strong armor, usually an entire tier ahead of other classes.
    Each class is upgraded as you level up. Class upgrades are unlocked at level 5 and then every 10th level after that (10, 20, etc). All classes upgrade at the same time. Class levels are not separate.

    Choosing a class -
    Each arena has a class wall. They look like this:

    On the class selection wall in each arena, you can pick the classes by right clicking the signs with their names.
    The names are organized like so: Classname-LevelRequirement.
    So the class, Swordsman-20, is the Swordsman class unlocked at level 20.

    You can check your level by typing /sa exp or /sa xp in-game.


    We currently only have 1 Spleef arena, however more are on the way. To join, simply walk into the water at the Arena World for the arena you'd like to join just like you would any other arena.
    You can also type
    /spleef list for a list of Spleef arenas, and then type /spleef join <arenaname> (don't include the < > symbols) to join the arena.

    Frozen is a 1 layer arena meant to be a quick game for 2-6 people.

    Spleef has a system called SpleefPoints. Everyone starts with 1000; for every loss you lose some and for every win you gain some.
    You can view the top 10 Spleef players by either looking at the leaderboard outside of the Frozen entrance or you can type /spleef stats top.
    You can view your personal Spleef rank by typing
    /spleef stats

    We plan on adding more mini-games as the server grows. If you'd like to suggest a mini-game, please post a suggestion in the Suggestions section of our Minecraft Forums: http://www.seriousgmod.com/forums/suggestions.55/
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  5. [​IMG]
    Serious Crates is a custom reward system created by the Developers/Owners of the Serious Minecraft Servers. It is an interactive system that rewards playing for:
    - Consistently playing on the servers
    -Voting for the Server using the /vote command
    -Utilizing the Economy to unlock Bonus Crates
    -Purchasing keys for Premium Crates

    List of Active Crates:
    - Daily Crate - Receive a Key every 24hours (use /reward in game to claim your key)
    -Voting Crate - Receive a Key each time you vote for the Server (use /vote to vote, can vote up to six times per day)
    -Bonus Crate - Receives keys from Daily/Voting Crates or purchase them from the server store for in game money
    -Premium Crate - Purchase from the SGM Store using this link:

    Steps on How to Use Your Keys:
    1. Claim your keys by either voting, using /reward, purchasing them from the SGM Store or from the SMC in-game Marketplace.
    2. Warp to the SMC in-game Marketplace using /warp market or through the portal in Spawn
    3. With the key in your hand, right click the appropriate chest
    4. Watch/Play through the animation to receive your item

    List of Items in Each Crate:
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon

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  6. [​IMG]
    Voting is a crucial tool server owners use to get their server known around the Minecraft Multiverse. Its a very simple process; you click the link to be redirected to the Voting Website, enter your Minecraft Username as it appears in game, and receive your reward! (Must be in game to receive reward)
    To vote in game, type /vote

    List of Voting Links:

    List of Rewards for Voting (Subject to Change):
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  7. Grief Prevention

    For a quick video tutorial, please follow this video below:

    List of Commands:
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