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  1. wea312

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    IAmAhnuld Is one of the best mods on Serious TTT i ever met he manages people great he bans slays and kicks correctly and the other day a guy named dank started making racist remarks on my being a -Sand nigger- and Ahnuld stepped up right to him and did everything within his power to serve justice i really think ahnuld is a great guy and deserves the title for ADMIN he plays alot and is very freindly i am happy for all that he has done to make these servers fun, freindly, and safe for anyone :) Highwon if you ever read this be sure to lok into ahnuld as a great guy
  2. IamAhnuld

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    That's really nice of you, but I would have done the same for anybody. Our server is harassment free.

    Thanks again!
  3. Sir Lemoncakes

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    So Ahnuld got reported for being awesome.....? I think we may have just entered...The Twighlight Zone!!
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  4. wea312

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    i dont get it >.> i know the show but this is on general discussion lemon XD
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    If you have been with us for awhile, you should know what Lemon meant xD
  6. Angelx

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    Ohhh interesting title.

    Stopped reading there. :lol:

    Naaah he's alright.
  7. Nummy

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    yeah I love Ahnuld too, it's a bummer I can't play with him . . .
  8. MLBBear

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    Sounds like there's a lot of false reports if that's what you're trying to imply o_O
  9. IamAhnuld

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    What a bro. :D