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Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by NotATraitor, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. NotATraitor

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    If i jokingly blocked someone lets say inn 67thway’s t room ( room?) ya know where there’s an explosive trap, now it was at the start of the round so 100% sure no t’s in t room, my question tho is is it kosable?

    Second question is, should traitors who open t doors to let innos in and fuck it up for other traitors be punished? It’s basically similar to rdming a t buddy and it’s annoying

    Third and last question is if two friends try kill eachother with a prop or a crowbar fight is it rdm? Even if we harmed no one but us 2 and didn’t even report it.
  2. DocFox

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    Yes. At least for the first person that caused damage. However, with the new unreported damage rule, there may be no slay, unless it caused further RDM or more than two players were involved.
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    Thank you for elaborating them for me
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  4. Zypther

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    *if it is done maliciously it can be considered meta gaming/ rule 9. Under main rules.

    So you can do it. Just be careful.