A bunch of made up reasons to get me banned by Angelx.

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Anon, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Sir Lemoncakes

    Sir Lemoncakes Don't trust the other guy. The cake IS a lie. VIP

    This report does not hold any water, Angel warned the players once in the video, once earlier in the round, and the game warned you at the beginning of the round. The slay was justified. From the language displayed in the video and the testimony of staff, neither does the ban appeal.
  2. MckeonHitman

    MckeonHitman Serious Member

    Ok Anon you didn't include you being a complete Jerk to Angel for at least 15 minutes before that, I was there and you said some mean stuff.
  3. DieKasta

    DieKasta :Blackalien: Forever VIP

    I'm gonna lock this. Anon, you are a troll who is just looking to cause problems. You seem to have a vendetta against Angel and I've seen enough of it.
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