A bunch of made up reasons to get me banned by Angelx.

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Anon, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Anon

    Anon Banned

    I looked in the /bans, and it says "Continuing Staff Harassment + False Reports + RDM" By Angelx for about 2 weeks.

    I didn't RDM, I would like proof, I didn't "Bypass a ban" and I have evidence of Angel Abusing(slaying for camping when not camping).

    Harassment on Staff, I admit to getting mad when Angel slayed for camping when I was out in the open the entire time(I have video of that).The next round I said "I cant wait until they demote Angel". After that he simply said "No." I logged onto the other Serious TTT server to avoid any more frustration with him.

    I would Like to know where he gets the RDM claims, the false report claims, and Bypass ban claim.
  2. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    If you could, Anon, please post the evidence for us. In the meantime, I will try to get Angel to reply.

    Please be patient.
  3. Anon

    Anon Banned

    I would love to see what Angel has to say before I expose my hand.
  4. Sir Lemoncakes

    Sir Lemoncakes Don't trust the other guy. The cake IS a lie. VIP

    Not really how this works. I would like to see the proof that you have gathered at your earliest convenience so that we may verify the veracity, or falseness of your claims. As always, the burden of evidence falls on the shoulders of the accuser.
  5. Snak

    Snak Banned

    I can clear up the "bypass ban" Angel banned you on west1 globally using ID, but since you were still on the other server (west2) the ban doesnt kick in untill you dissconnect, I hoped on west2 and asked killamarshall to ask you too reconnect (I wanted you to reconnect so your ban would kick in and I woulden't have to play with you :p) since your ban was already on record, it appeared as if you were bypassing the ban (which I take blame for, since I told killamarshall to get you to reconnect so your ban would kick in instead he banned you because he thought you were bypassing it, but the reason you weren't banned was because you haden't disconnected after your ID was banned).

    I'm not a moderator anymore but I know you were a pain in the ass when I was so I'd say the ban was justified, and I'll be honest my personal opinion of you is in the gutters :)

    (Not sure if regular players are allowed to post on ban/unban apps anymore, but I felt I needed a two cents in!!)
  6. Anon

    Anon Banned

    Agreed. I believe he should be able to show proof of my actions, before I am banned/accused of such actions listed above. Luckily I recorded the entire time played with him, and it will show none of the above. I'm out at the moment, may be a few hours before I post the video.

    Snak, that YouTube video of you shows how much your word is worth right now.
  7. Sir Lemoncakes

    Sir Lemoncakes Don't trust the other guy. The cake IS a lie. VIP

    Please present your video.
  8. Anon

    Anon Banned

    Sorry for the shit quality, I record half-size to save memory.

    I will point out in the video 2 things: Me, actively engaging the enemy, and Angelx lying about giving 4 warnings.

    I recorded up until I left, there were no RDMs, and I did not make any false reports. I mean, why does the admin have to make up reasons to ban someone?

  9. Enigmatica

    Enigmatica The Song Lives On Banned

    I personally wouldn't call that 'camping' because he's actually shooting people. The kind of camping I FSPEC for is when they're hiding in a room waiting for people to come in or just hiding in general.
  10. Anon

    Anon Banned

    Thanks for reading.
    I would agree. I was out in the open, and actively engaging the enemy.
  11. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    I just want to add this definition of camping.

    The Act of staying in one spot in a map in a first person shooter video game to gain a tactical advantage over an enemy or group of enemies.
  12. Enigmatica

    Enigmatica The Song Lives On Banned

    I know the real definition, that's why I enclosed camping in single quotes.

    It's a sniper headshot wars, and his location is easily accessible and anyone could have shot him down. Yeah, he was sticking in one spot up there, but Angel didn't even warn him. I always warn the player(s) in question privately in addition to the global warning so that they know who I'm directing the warning at. I would have told him to stop staying up there before I fspec'd him.
  13. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    In all aspects of it, Angel doesn't have to give him a PM to warn him. There is one at the beginning of the round and one when they say in the chat. He was a in spot which had clear tactical advantage over the rest of the players in game. I have to say that, judging by the video, Angel did nothing wrong.
  14. Anon

    Anon Banned

    Isn't the point to try to get in the best position? And anyone I was shooting, could have easily shot me, the exact same. However they used NO tactics while scrambling on the floor. If they want to be at a disadvantage, then so be it.
    Mango, should I have exposed myself more while I was actively engaging enemies??
    I I had no need to move, as there was always action on my screen, if I didn't see any players, I would actively seek out players.
  15. Ardey

    Ardey VIP

    In my opinion, that really wasn't camping. It was not his fault that the players didn't see him. He was sticking at one spot, yeah, but he was in a really open spot and not moving, which is a little disadvantage, people could've shot him down easily in such an open spot. Also, he didn't wait for them to come, he searched for players and actively fought against them. Also, even though I agree with Angelx not having to PM him, I think it would've been a bit better for her to notify specifically him. Maybe he saw the warning and thought that it was for someone else that was camping (i.e in the bottom right building where the mousetrap is), hence why he didn't move. That would have saved us the trouble and the ban.

    Sorry for posting, but that's just my opinion and maybe some of you can dis- or agree and we can open up some eyes.
  16. Zikeji

    Zikeji Repoleved VIP Emerald

    I would never slay for camping if they're actively engaging people at good intervals. On another note, while you don't have to warn before you fspec for camping, you shouldn't lie and say you did. That puts your integrity in question.
  17. Killamarshall

    Killamarshall Hmm... interesting.. Smite anyone?? VIP

    i am only replying in this post as my name was mentioned, i didn't ban anon from west 2 for bypass of ban, i kicked him for his ban to kick in. and from what i see angel and anon were in the wrong, i think maybe a server ban would have sufficed rather than a global ban.
  18. Angelx

    Angelx Always Innocent VIP

    To me camping means a player staying in a tactical/strategic position for over a long periods of time. Some people were complaining so I warned, The fact that after the usual warnings + my warning you only moved 1 step to the left from that area warranted the slay, I've also slayed like 2 others after you.

    As for bunch of made up reasons to get you banned, that may seems true since I never gathered proof.

    But you provided the proof in the video, some of it anyways

    You continued to say stuff like that to me over & over again in chat & on mic & I ignored you which apparently didn't help you to stop.

    As for the false reports and RDMs.. you should know better, I only banned you for 2 weeks as a warning.

    You would've never been banned if you just took that video and post it on here to report me for the *questionable* slay, which I still think I did nothing wrong. But no, you decided to go on a bashing spree in game and ran off to west 2.
  19. Zabiba

    Zabiba VIP

    I can agree with Angelx in the fact that Anon false reports and harasses staff.

    I played on West thursday night, and issue came up with Anon and another player. Instead of handling the situation in decent matter, Anon goes "I''m gonna RDM since you this mod doesn't do shit."

    Some quotes from Anon:

    "The staff don't do shit"
    "I'm just gonna kill you since the mod isn't slaying"
    "The players/staff on the sever suck"
  20. Magafe

    Magafe Banned

    Angelx is correct.

    If you can read in the beginning of the round, It says "Don't camp on fun rounds" or something like that. Then she said it in the chat. You played on the server long enough to realize that you can't camp. Even though the area is open, and you are killing people you have a whole left side blocking you. And since it's headshot wars you can't be attacked from under unless you get a lucky headshot. So basically you were sitting in one spot killing people and you probably would of stayed there whole time.

    You would've never been banned if you just took that video and post it on here to report me for the *questionable* slay, which I still think I did nothing wrong. But no, you decided to go on a bashing spree in game and ran off to west 2.
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