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  3. Mr. Disco

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    Doing rich kid things.
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  5. Hyper ✿

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    This isn't off topic [​IMG]
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  6. Proper

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    He is gone.

    Goodbye, CD.
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    Rip CD
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  8. Mason

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    is there something I'm missing?
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  9. No, it's a legit question.
  10. Mr. Rogers

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    Probably at school, out, or doing some other in real life thing.
  11. Sith Master

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    The life of a lead, being inactive.....
    I'm joking, love you CD
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    I thoughts leads didn't have anything outside of this
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  13. Gonco

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    practicing his longest yea boi
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  14. CDriscoll

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    Boy do I love my calendars.

    I'm sure this thread was created as a joke, though it's a valid question and I'll give you a straightforward response. Really, I've been dealing with some personal issues lately. I'm not typically one to share this sort of thing with people outside of my immediate comfort zone, though a good friend of my family's mother committed suicide after years of struggling with depression and depression-related mental illness. The family's pretty distraught and, although I personally wasn't very close with them, my parents were, and I've been trying to my best to be there for them. I know it's a depressing sort of situation in response to a lighthearted thread, though I feel it's fair that you know where I've been for the past few days, and why I haven't been active as much.

    Mental illness is an issue that affects an extremely large number of people around the world, and a lot of times people aren't even aware that they have it. If you want to read up on it, or donate to help fight it, take a look at http://www.nami.org/.
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  15. Togo ✿

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    sorry for what happened
    hope you and them are doing well
    Mental illness's suck
    its pretty hard to live with them
    if this happens again
    feel free to take a break
    this is a game server
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  16. Hyper ✿

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  17. Mr. Disco

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    I love you CD. Stay strong
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  18. Ravin

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    So, Starbucks then? Got it.
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