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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Boulja Boy Tell 'Em, Sep 26, 2015.

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    cause i didn't do shit, as usual
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I shot someone for throwing barrels at other players and, in the process, hit the barrel they threw and killed someone else. apparently killing one person is mass RDM now. and I guess telling someone to "fuck off" for repeatedly lying is toxic behavior?​
  2. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    @Nena banned you for Mass RDM + Toxic Behavior. She will respond as soon as she can.
  3. fateburn

    fateburn 自分のためが VIP

    You knew that shooting that guy with a shotgun will kill the rest in the room, especially there are a LOT of barrels around him , yet you chose to claim it as crossfire and rdm'd almost everyone near the tester area.
    Due to the server didn't save the old logs I won't have any logs to show.
    @MyriadOfChaos @SmileyOfChaos
    I'll let @Disruptionz decide whether to unban you or not, as you have a history of loop-holing and such.
  4. "history of loop-holing and such."

    LOL I got banned for loopholing once and it was immediately overturned.

    I looked at the Missing in Action and only saw two people, one of whom I was trying to kill. So unless you have any proof that I killed more than one person who wasn't committing a traitorous act, I don't believe you.

    I said fuck off twice. I also said "I don't give a shit." Maybe if I was harassing people, being racist or sexist, or doing anything bad, then you could call me "toxic."
  5. MyriadOfChaos

    MyriadOfChaos It was fun.... VIP

    We were in the room below pool that was FULL of barrels at the time. Orton decides to take it upon himself to shoot at a guy who is moving barrels around when there were multiple people around him. Not only does he shoot at the guy without any type of warning to the other players when he knows there are explosives EVERYWHERE, he uses a shotgun which almost guarantees he is going to kill everyone. He was fully aware what would happen and instead of kosing the person and waiting for an open moment to kill him, he purposefully shoots at the guy causing the barrels to explode and killing me and killing/damaging others.

    Then in dead chat he claims its crossfire, which it was not because he was the only one shooting, and when i simply say that it wasn't crossfire, he just tells me to fuck off and continues to be completely rude about it when people are trying to explain to him that what he did was wrong. In my opinion he did it purposefully and tried to loophole his way out of it by saying "crossfire". His reponses to people were very rude and a good example of harassment in how he spoke to other players. If he had kos'd the guy and used something besides a shotgun then this may have been able to be choped up as a stray shot, but when he doesnt tell anyone about it and decides to open fire on the guy literally surrounded by explosives and chop it up as "crossfire", it just points to pure loopholeing in my eyes.
  6. SmileyOfChaos

    SmileyOfChaos Chaos Begets Order VIP

    I personally didn't witness the barrel incident, but I can at least attest to Orton's history of toxicity. He gets really, really pissy when something doesn't go his way, and I've seen him many a time go off on people for calling him out on the borderline and blatant loopholing he frequently performs. He was extremely tame in this case comparatively.
  7. I don't think you know what crossfire is. You shouldn't be making accusations about things you're not fully sure of.

    I did tell you to fuck off, and if that really made you upset then I'm sorry. After that though, I simply stated my case and then ended with one last "fuck off." Again, sorry if you were offended or anything.

    Nothing I did is anything near harassment.
  8. I don't appreciate people lying about me. I haven't played with you much at all, and I don't do the things you claim. You might have me confused with someone else. I don't loophole, I don't go off on people, I don't get pissy. It's a game.

    I'm wondering now if you two "___OfChaos" are a clan or something that have it out for me. I can't think of why else you would come and target me like this.
  9. SmileyOfChaos

    SmileyOfChaos Chaos Begets Order VIP

    I was tagged by Nena into the thread so...yeah. Sorry if you feel like we're targeting you, but I figured that if I couldn't provide anything regarding the barrel incident, I could attest to previous toxicity I've witnessed from you. We don't play all the time together, but I've played quite a few rounds with you present and have quietly watched your attitude during those times. Whether or not you realize that the behavior you've shown isn't acceptable or not, I can't say. But you have been very abrasive and attack anyone who questions your gameplay. That's all I got to say.
  10. Considering how much I question my own gameplay, and don't care if anyone else does, either you have the wrong guy or you're just wrong.
  11. MyriadOfChaos

    MyriadOfChaos It was fun.... VIP

    Yes Orton im fully aware of what Crossfire is, i play on this server more than enough to know and you can ask ANY of the Staff, Smiley and I are very familiar with the rules. Were not a clan out to get you You RDM'd and are claiming it to be crossfire when it isnt. Even Nena, an ADMIN, has told you that it was not crossfire so im beginning to think it was YOU who is not fully aware of what it is. The fact remains YOU made the decision to use a weapon with a large mount of spread to shoot at one person and blew up several barrels killing and damaging multiple players. Also jusst because you dont remember playing with Smiley does not mean youve barely played with him. Smiley and i dont attack people and anyone in the community can back usd up on that. We follow the rules to the letter and only bring ourselves forward when someone breaks the rules as you have done here.

    Noone is lying about you, we have stated what has in fact happened. And as far as nothing you did being near harassment, You cannot determine that as everyone has a different definition of what harassment is. Also i never said you were harassing me but you behavior is quite toxic as you saying "Fuck off" twice is not only rude and uncalled for after RDMing me, but it is more than enough to show you got pissy about the situation. Noone is targeting you, you broke the rules and are trying to loophole out by screaming " Crossfire Crossfire" and when not only I, but an ADMIN, says it was not crossfire, you are adamant in saying that we are wrong. Lastly, and after this i will not be posting back on this appeal unless asked to by a staff member, Notice we were both tagged BY THE ADMIN. Smiley and I spend alot of time on these servers and have worked hard to maintain a good standing, If Nena were to believe we would "Lie" for each other or were just here to "target" you as you claim. She would not have tagged us and would have handled this on her own, which she is more than capable of doing. The fact remains, YOU rdm'd by making a poor decision and screaming crossfire isnt going to get you out of it.
  12. Judging by the length and RANDOM CAPITALIZATIONS, I think you might be getting too angry; remember this is just a game and try to relax.

    Obviously I disagree with this administrator's decision, so citing it doesn't mean anything to me. I know what my intentions were and what my actions were, and hopefully lying and misinterpretations won't result in any more unfair punishment than it already has. No one is "screaming crossfire," as you so eloquently put it, and again, if you don't know the full story, which it seems like you don't, you shouldn't be making assertions and assumptions.

    Unless you've played with me and Smiley at the same time, you're not at liberty to say I'm wrong or misguided about how much we have/haven't played together.

    You cannot determine my behavior to be toxic, as everyone has a different definition of what toxicity is.
  13. I'd like to add for the benefit of anyone else that without damagelogs or video, this is very much word vs. word. The only known facts that anyone has: I said fuck off two times and then left.
  14. Rek

    Rek Ø

    First off, don't antagonize him by stating that he is getting angry, they are just typos or innuendos of hyperboles.
    There was once a study done that proved that people self-reflected their feelings by forcing those attributes upon people.

    Second, every perspective is vital.
    In a court, which this is a mock form of, they have to get different eye witnesses to give their testimonies to attain the full picture of the situation on trial.

    Next, he was playing with you and Smiley at the same time? Look at the chat, it shows both them there and talking, so I don't know if that was a typo on your part or you are just confused.

    Let the witnesses do their witnessing, don't try to prohibit people's accusations, you can refute them, but don't demean them.

    Lastly, if there is starting to just be verbal fighting here and no cold hard evidence or further eye witness testimonies, I will be forced to lock this until @Disruptionz can finish it up.

    Please keep that in mind as you are going forward in your responses all of y'all.

  15. "Next, he was playing with you and Smiley at the same time? Look at the chat, it shows both them there and talking, so I don't know if that was a typo on your part or you are just confused."

    I think you might be confused; the topic at hand was how often we had played together, not if we were playing at the same time at that time.

    If witnesses are biased or saying things that are incorrect, am I supposed to just let them do that? No, I'm going to invalidate things that are invalid because they shouldn't be given the same credence as something that is true.
  16. Is this really my 3rd RDM and Leave offense? I can't remember being banned twice before for this, but that's the only way a month ban makes sense.
  17. Alpha Wolfy

    Alpha Wolfy Nocturnal VIP

    This is not an Third Offense of RDM & Leave ban. This is a Mass RDM ban by Nena that is extended to a whole month because of your portrayal of toxic behavior in-game and on the forums. Like she said above, You have a history of loopholing and such, which can lead to a lengthy ban depending on the severity of your actions and/or how long you have been doing this.
  18. Oh right, my "history of loopholing." My one ban that was immediately overturned. Forgot about that one.

    And if saying fuck and shit are toxic behavior now, and that is a bannable offense apparently, then you should ban 95% of the userbase right now.
  19. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

    ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.) Warehouse 13 Next Generation VIP

    Witnesses have given their side of the story, I don't want this turning into more of an argument, locking this until Disruptionz can look at it.
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