2 Truths 1 Lie

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  1. This sure is a

    get it
    2 items are black and a tv show is called Blacklist
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  2. Bear

    Bear Meow VIP

    1. I fly planes
    2. I've been arrested
    3. I once had a pet squirrel
  3. Ravin

    Ravin Determination VIP

  4. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    Someone seriously held you at knife point for some mcnuggets? That's... Rofl xD
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  5. Bear

    Bear Meow VIP

    3 xD
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  6. Smash

    Smash Baka VIP Silver

    Nope :p

    also 1
  7. Machinekiller00

    Machinekiller00 I <3 Gunter VIP Silver

    I wish I could tell you this funny story about how it happened but nothing really happened. I just had nothing valuable and the only thing I was holding were chicken nuggets so he took that. I guess he was expecting money or valuables but got food instead.
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  8. Chewie

    Chewie deadrun mod VIP Bronze

    Guess before clicking the spoiler.

    1. I've almost gotten suspended for bringing ghost peppers.
    2. I'm a graphic and motion designer.
    3. I broke both my hands skating.

    #3 is the lie.
  9. Qwesi

    Qwesi VIP

    1. I was born in the harbors of Greece and traveled to the US in a boat.
    2. I used to suffer from severe Myoclonic seizures.
    3. I used to have a cat named MeatyMcManStick.
  10. Falcor

    Falcor ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ VIP Silver

    1. Had my first breathalyzer test at 15.
    2. Once cracked my head open on a coffee table, jumping off a couch.
    3. Crushed my hand in a metal door senior year broke my thumb and metacarpus.
  11. Mason

    Mason VIP Silver

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  12. Falcor

    Falcor ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ VIP Silver

    That was fast. i talk to much and need to keep my mouth shut.
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  13. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

    1. I have a scar on my hand because of an incident with a ceramic squirrel.
    2. I like the Mass Effect 3 ending.
    3. I cheated on my girlfriend.
  14. Ravin

    Ravin Determination VIP

    I hope 3 is the lie. Because she cheated on you? Amirite?
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  15. Sir Lemoncakes

    Sir Lemoncakes Don't trust the other guy. The cake IS a lie. VIP

    1. I once faked an English accent for an entire semester of school.
    2. When I was about 13 I got lost in the desert for over three hours.
    3. I've disowned all but five of my family members.
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  16. Sir Lemoncakes

    Sir Lemoncakes Don't trust the other guy. The cake IS a lie. VIP

    1. I was once attacked by a Chihuahua, leaving a scar the shape in an L on my hand for years.
    2. I once fell asleep playing hide'n'seek and didn't come in until the police showed up.
    3. I briefly worked with Adam Savage of the Mythbusters.
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  17. kynwall

    kynwall "Painting Roses" VIP

    I really, really want Numbers 1, and 3 to be the truths.
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  18. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    1. I want to go to the UK or Russia
    2. I never had surgery
    3. I love Gmod
  19. GRYPHN

    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    1. I fractured my left leg's growth plate while Ice Skating on Christmas eve, and had to crawl around for 2 hours before going to the ER.
    2. I fractured my right arm's humerus while playing Football on June 27th and couldn't do to the ER due to the family car being in the shop.
    3. I am terrible at TTT.
  20. Solid Anunoby

    Solid Anunoby VIP Silver

    2. You wouldn't be on these forums if you didn't love GMod, and I honestly think it's very unlikely for many people in this era to not have gone through surgical procedures.