2 Truths 1 Lie

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  1. AnarkisT

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    I read this, Thought "Oh my god, 2 of these are true?" and felt bad for you <3
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  2. BIDZ180

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    1. I have watched the entirety of The Office (US) no less than 5 times.
    2. I am American, but have lived outside of the US for half of my life.
    3. I am allergic to mangoes, oysters, and Cephalexin.
  3. My real name isn't chad
    my great uncle survived the titanic
    I was ranked #5 best VB player for 8th grade in SD county
  4. First is a lie, no one can watch Steve Correll that many times.

    1. I have a man crush on Tom Cruise
    2. I killed several people and was never charged with it
    3. I own a pet weasel named Fluffy
  5. reverse_flash

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    1. I used to be a boxer and had to retired due to damage to my eye
    2. I'm a time traveling speed force loving, mother murderer
    3. I met Stan Lee
  6. 2 is a lie.
  7. Waka-san

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    1. My name is Jeff
    2. I'm studying at college
    3. I'm pro TTT player
  8. 3 is a lie
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  9. Waka-san

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    1 is a lie :3
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  10. Cafedemocha

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    1. I'm in a band.
    2. I have a full sleeve of tattoos.
    3. I am a singer in my band.
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  11. J.T.Ripper

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    1. I've had a wonderful conversation with Loretta Switt. (Margaret "Hot-lips" Hullahan)
    2. I've met and had a fun conversation with Cirroc Lofton. (Jake Sisko)
    3. I have a chameleon named Active.
  12. kynwall

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    Something tells me to pick number 3 as the lie, dunno why...

    Number 2 is a lie, you seem like the kinda dude that has a chameleon and has talked to someone named "Hot-lips".
  13. J.T.Ripper

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    Actually.... Number 3 is the lie. I have met both and they are wonderful people. Loretta was surprised I even knew who she was, let alone what the show M*A*S*H was.
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  14. M*A*S*H is glorious. JS
  15. Falcor

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    3 is a lie. :^) but I think I cheated.
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  16. 1) I once met a man from Nantucket
    2) I used to play lacrosse and was a total Laxbro
    3) I have been known to pass out in the odd bush from time to time
  17. Number 2
    Despite me not knowing what it means and possibly making an ass of myself... Number 2. Calling it.
  18. Wrong
  19. Goddamn it!
  20. Zypther

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