2 MW2 maps (well 1 legit is a mw2 map the other reminds me of 1)

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Add this map

  1. Yes I would love both of these

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  2. No I would not want these maps

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  3. Terminal yes

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  4. Glacier yes

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  1. shadowdragoon66

    shadowdragoon66 hic sunt draconis VIP

    I find it ironic how people dislike terminal because you could get outside the map and get stuck when the MW version of the map got patched multiple times for the same exact reason.

    +1 on Highrise
  2. LOL I know right and how you can also get out of the map on camel XD
  3. I do like terminal. too bad there is a problem, BUT really as with any glitches just adding a rule "Glitching outside of a map is cause for slay and possibly next round slay as well"

    that would also help with the Airbus map. if they get stuck then they need to kill them selves or be slayed for next round as well.
  4. Lol yeah I can see why now how everyone will get out of the map XD
  5. Well its not always there fault that they get stuck outside the map so
  6. yes but when they are supposed to die by going outside of the map not suiciding would be taking advantage of it therefore should be slayable
  7. I agree to some level but some new players may not know how to suicide I have seen this asked multiple times maybe a Teleport instead
  8. KingAngel

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    Well terminal is a fun map we used to have it but it was removed due to the fact of people getting out of the map I believe
  9. IAmGiygas

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    I hate Call of Duty.
  10. Highwon

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  11. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    Regarding Glacier map: None of the textures are packed with the .bsp so its a pain to add it to the server. So it wont be added.

    This is how it looks
  12. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    We play tested highrise on West 2 and the indoor area of the white building is just too laggy. The map seemed fun but until that lag is fixed, it wont be added.
  13. was it worse than community pool,. that one has got to be the laggiest I have played on here, I wasnt here to test that one out. so I didnt know
  14. Chii

    Chii Seriously a Baka VIP

    oh man i remember these two! i used to watch my friend play these are i'd read while we hung out, +1 to both of those all the way