100 Day Plan

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How do you guys feel about it?

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  1. and now electric cars are way too expensive for even the middle class
  2. Bogdanoff

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    Lobbysits are people who bribe.

    Illegal immgrants need to go back, overdue visas need to be revoked (and sent back)
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  3. because hey don't even ask them for a renewal
  4. thefish11099

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    @A. Leppo He's been quoted saying that if they contribute to society positively, they'd work something out. Also ^ They have a very good amount of time to renew their visas until his plan comes into effect, let alone him being president.
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    What's wrong with his plan? Alot of it seems to be limiting congress and lobbiest? How could anyone be against that? And the rest ate tax breaks for the middle class, rebuilding our infrastructure, repealing a failure of a healthcare plan, and deporting illegal aliens. Sounds like a stab in the right direction to me.

    Also removing cars must be a joke. Yeah if you live in a city in your own bubble it might seem like a great idea. For the other majority of americans that don't live in the city it's an unrelistic idea if not all around terrible. On average it takes me 30 minutes to get work, with a car....on the interstate. The same is for millions of other americans as well.
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    No one said anything about removing cars. I was just talking about how there were electric cars much earlier than most people know and that only recently in the past decade are they being brought back.
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    Trump going to be ignoring climate change in exchange for space exploration w/ NASA.


    Literally one of the reasons why Stephen Hawking (If you're so out of the loop, The Albert Einstein of our lifetimes, who was the man to essentially build the foundation for what science is now today) said we're probably all die in 1,000 years. He may be rich enough to buy a one way trip to Mars, so just like Fuck Earth Amirite?

    It's like this: if you're not supporting helping reduce climate change then you're apart of the problem. If we can fix this problem we wont have to worry about terriforming elsewhere. You gotta use your brain (Hard right?) to think about the repercussions of our actions and how we should be able to fix the consequences... not just push it to the side and let people 10 generations from now worry about the end of the world. There's going to be a point of no return, and it'll come quicker if we can't help stop this.

    "But Robo, the media is just making you say it's real."

    But ______, You're a dumbass. It is real and it will kill us all. You have no idea what toxic chemicals in such large magnitude is destroying the Earth right now. It's as incomprehensible as how small you are in the universe.
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  8. Stephen hawking is proof daredevil can exist