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    I was banned for no recoil and I got full explanation to that as I have not hacked or scripted, as I made my first ban appeal I have gotten denied due to 'no recoil' and it seems like it but it is not what most people think it is. Most people think of no recoil as hack that enchants bullets to go to where you exactly aim and it is not that, it just removes the gun twitching to make the gunplay smoother but doesnt give any advantage as there is still spread and spray patterns to do on each gun. In video it clearly shows me minimally twitching after each shot and it just proves there is recoil but minimal due to the 'macro' I use that can be used with my Logitech G502 set to mouse4, there was absolutely no need for ban as I didnt have any game advantage over anyone such as aimbot, no spread, esp etc, I dont see ban as real solution, I could simply be asked to turn the macro off as its not script either. If I actually get accepted and unbanned I accomply by the fact that I will not use my mouse4 macro again, cheers, I mean there are even no recoil mouses to buy on market such as bloody one.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    My statement above​
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    You were banned by me, global'd by Guilty. I'll respond to this shortly.
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    1st of all this
    Evidence can be found here :ﮎγ-shockra神s-appeal.43295/
    Appeal : Denied
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