Denied ロリコン("LOLI-"con)'s Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by ロリコン("LOLI-"con), Dec 19, 2017.

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    ok so i got banned for spam, i admit i spammed once in end round doing like a jihad towards another player just for fun and i got gagged. then i had a bind which said "execute order 66" i would use this when i would be a t to indicate lets do something but i couldn't explain what i meant it in t voice chat since i was gagged, and this was right after the end round that i wanted to like do something cool with it . and i simply asked hey can i be ungagged please in chat only once, once, and instantly get banned for that shit for 8 hrs like that just ridiculous. and i have a bud in the server that couldn't believe it either XD and no i don't ghost so miss me with that.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    So another ban huh XD. So some of my innocence their in my explanation play to release stress from school and work. and im trying to have fun but with like the mods and shit being hella strict, like i understand its "Serious TTT" but c'mon they don't always have to be such asses to it. I've encountered your mods and ive done such things and they go with it which makes the server fun you know. but like can i get my unban please and if i don't well fuck then. But I did mic spam with the jihad to make it a funny ending round and got gagged and i wanted to be ungagged, simply asked once and banned. ohh i got banned by(FaeThorn)​
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  3. you know what im actually going to sleep this ban out, i was going to keep playing but nah. the ban took my fun out so is their a way to delete the appeal or if not can you just go over it and like unban me or whatever. so yeah...
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    Well since you seem to change your mind on the ban ill go ahead and deny this.
    Also i did not Gag you for the " execute order 66" you kept spamming songs into your microphone. I followed the !motd protocol available to everyone for spam
    Appeal: denied
    Ban: not voided
    Note: Ban was local so you are free to play on our other servers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.