Finished ☭ Spreading the Wealth 3: Pandemic Edition ☭

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by SquidgyBoat, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    1. DONE
    2. Probably the marvel movies
    3. Action
    3b. The Pirates of the Caribbean.
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  2. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    I think you're the first person in this whole thread to do this the intended way

    Oh no Jabba got it too
    and I suppose LBpotatoes and Coin due to their wonderful answers
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  3. 1. -
    2. Any space/sci-fi movie, like Interstellar
    3.Said above
    3b.MGS series, as it's a pretty common choice
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  4. sleepy panda

    sleepy panda A panda that may be sleeping VIP Bronze

    1. Done
    2. Scif/horror is my fav
    3. Horror.
    4. Friday the 13th
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  5. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 tell me pretty lies Moderator VIP Silver

    1. --
    2. Transformers, but only the ones with Shia LeBeouf
    3. Iron Man
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  6. BeedoBoyo

    BeedoBoyo A man of men from the man-man VIP

    1: One thumbs up incoming
    2: Definitely Uno the Movie
    3: Cornetto trilogy is my only guess
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  7. AndrewB

    AndrewB VIP

    1. Done
    2. The Office
    3 The Pirates of the Caribbean
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  8. andrew-k

    andrew-k VIP

    1: not dont Jk,
    2: Either Gotham, Merlin. I cant decide. Probably Gotham.
    3.b. I think its Star Wars.
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  9. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    Sunday morning has arrived!
    Which means I'm closing this contest officially and going to begin compiling entries and later on draw results.

    If you are only seeing this thread for the first time, feel free to PM / Start a convo with me and submit results that way. If you can get it to me by the time I select the final list of entries, I'll add you in.

    And, as always...
  10. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    First the listing of entries, most got 2x.


    Then the entrance into a randomizer (no hat this time, sorry).


    And finally, our winner!


    Congratulations to @Panduh for winning!

    Let me know via steam or PM or here what you want that's around the $15 range, or I'll put it towards a game of your choosing etc.

    On a sidenote, not a single person picked a movie in my favorite genre, nor correctly guessed my favorite series.

    My favorite genre is whodunits, or more generally, mystery / detective movies. (Yeah yeah some of you will argue yours were.)
    My favorite trilogy / movie series is Lord of the Rings. However, a close runner up is the Dark Knight, John Wick, and Star Wars trilogies.
    I'll try to make the multiple extra entries a bit easier next time.

    Thanks all for participating, and better luck next time!
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  11. 8BitF0x

    8BitF0x a pixelated fox that loves rdm VIP

    Rigged for the wrong mod.
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  12. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass VIP

    rigged for the right mod ;)
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