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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by SquidgyBoat, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    Well comrades I'm back once again with another redistribution of capital.

    I'm giving away a game of your choosing valued at around $15.
    I'm willing to bend a little on that as winners @Jabba the Slut and @dazza know.
    This offer never expires, so you can also wait til a game is on sale to cash in. I'm flexible.

    When I have determined a winner, by some documented means of randomness, I shall announce it here.
    This giveaway concludes Saturday the 18th,
    and I will post a hard cutoff the following morning of the 19th before drawing.

    Now, onto the fun:
    There are three possible entries into the lottery.
    I will put 1, 2, or 3 copies of your name into the pool.

    1: Give this post a positive rating.
    2: You have only one movie / series you can watch for the rest of your days. Which one is it?
    3: If it just so happens to be in my favorite genre, you get a third entry.
    This is obviously going to be random as none of you know. Just adds some variety!
    3b: BONUS ROUND. If you can guess my favorite movie series, you get an extra 3 entries.
    Hint: it is NOT the same genre as my favorite genre. It is a trilogy, but it does have other movies in the universe. However they are big stinky poop. You're welcome.

    "But Squidgy, it's Easter and 4/20. Shouldn't your giveaway be Jesus or Weed themed?"
    I'll probably have something else this month then you whiney nerds
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  2. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    1. Done
    2. My favorite movie series is probably nightmare on elm street, so I would watch that for the rest of my days
    3. I suck at guessing what movies people like, so probably the harry potter series [idk]
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  3. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    1. Yes
    2. Breaking bad
    3. I'm gonna guess your favorite movie series is pirates of the Caribbean
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  4. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    Well I love watching 'Allo 'Allo!
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  5. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass VIP

    1. I did
    2. The walking dead
    3. You better say its ur fav genre.
    3b. Its literally the walking dead bro, dont play
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  6. LBPotatoes

    LBPotatoes That’s so crunchy VIP

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  7. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    1. Liked.
    2. Supernatural (TV Show)
    3. Dark Fantasy
    3b. I also guess Pirates of the Caribbean.
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  8. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    1: Ok
    2: The Equalizer
    3: Harry Potter
  9. food

    food VIP

    1. Done
    2. The Wire
    3. Star Wars? I don't know.
  10. Coinston

    Coinston "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    Hands down robots. You can not reach such perfection in any other movie. The only thing that comes close would be Madagascar 2 which is my guess for 3b (as in the whole trilogy)
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  11. Moleman

    Moleman Dr Pepper Enthusiast VIP

    Dont call me a weeb but for mine it would probably be FullMetal Alchemist
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  12. Bro your favorite series is John Wick
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  13. Adlactor Nell

    Adlactor Nell Advertiser Friendly, Right out of the box! VIP

    hmm I liked Black Mirror and I'm currently watching Brooklyn 9-9
    Hmm I would say Star Wars?
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  14. dazza

    dazza Banned VIP Bronze

    hmm i could watch stargate over and over...infact...i do...
    ermi bet you enjoy a bit of james bond ;)
  15. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    Robots is probably my favorite childhood movie
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  16. Coinston

    Coinston "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    Bro, life movie no children deserve this quality.
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  17. 1. ok bruh done
    2. uhhh I havn't seen a movie in a long while so Im just gunna say the Star Wars 1-6 only because the Disney is trash.
  18. Coinston

    Coinston "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    BuT rOgUe OnE iS iN bEtWeEn ThReE aNd FoUr
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  19. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning I've Been ... Thunderstruck!!! VIP Silver

    1. Liked the post
    2. I guess I would go for the entire Star Wars series given the sheer amount of movies released.
    3A. Hopefully you like movies like Star Wars
    3B. I'm going to guess that your favorite movie series is the Batman "Dark Knight" Series
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  20. Whatwhat23

    Whatwhat23 Active Member

    1. Done
    2. One Piece, a shonen anime. That show has over 900 episodes and more to come so I wouldn't be so bored after awhile.

    3b. I am guessing the prequel Star Wars trilogy movies.