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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by SquidgyBoat, May 17, 2019.

  1. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    Due to my many hours spent slaving away for the capitalist pigs, I have decided to lighten my load of too much money from too much overtime unto you, ¡ CѳMяADэS !

    I'll be giving away a game of your choosing, or several games, equal to around $20. I can be convinced of a game worth more if it's one that I REALLY enjoy myself and know you will too.

    To enter, Bang / Marry / Kill

    Terry Crews, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hardy.

    I will enter all contestants into a random drawing out of a hat.
    Yes, it will be a fedora.

    Well thought explanations of who, what, and why will earn a bonus slip of paper with their username.

    I will be drawing names in one week: May 25th.

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  2. Fiz

    Fiz local jihad pro VIP Bronze

    bang tom hardy - marry chris - kill terry :)))
  3. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    Bang Chris ('cause have you seen this guy? No homo) - Marry Terry (EXPLOSIONS) - Kill Tom (I don't really know why, but yeah)
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  4. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    I would marry Terry, because it rhymes, he definitely smells like Old Spice ALL the time, and he's such a pure soul.

    I would fuck Chris, because he is a very sexy man, and has a lovely beard.

    I would kill Tom, because he is the less appealing of the three, and maybe then, I could become Venom.
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  5. Death

    Death May we meet again. VIP Bronze

    Marry Tom cuz he might "share venom" with me.

    Fuck Chris cuz I might be worthy enough to weild Mjolnir or maybe just let's me use Stormbreaker for fun.

    Kill Terry, don't really know him well so I don't really care.
  6. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    Marry Tom Hardy
    Bang Chris Hemsworth
    Kill Terry Crews
  7. Anonymous1

    Anonymous1 do you know how it feel to feel alone VIP Bronze

    Bang chris marry terry and kill tom

    Edit: I would bang Chris because he’s a one night stand type of person it seems like lmao.

    Id marry terry because he’s funny and like huge and strong(y).

    Kill Tom because he’s just a not as good as the other two options
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  8. Cereal KiIler

    Cereal KiIler gib banan VIP

    bang Tom Hardy
    marry Chris Hemsworth
    kill Terry Crews

    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    Bang Tom -
    Marry Terry - Have you seen how great of a Dad Sergeant Terry Jeffords is?
    Kill Chris - Did you see the weight gain of Thor in end game?!
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  10. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    fuck terry, merry chris, kill hardy.

    i've never seen mad max
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  11. Hashira

    Hashira VIP

    Bang Tom hardy
    Marry Tom hardy
    Kill the other two
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  12. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    Bang: Chris Hemsworth cus idk, just seems kinda more like a one-night stand sorta thing. doubt we would really get along much.
    Marry: Terry cus he's actually a super great and sweet guy
    Kill: Tom cus idk who tf that is but he aint rly my type
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  13. Robyn

    Robyn Floof Moderator VIP Silver

    Marry tom bang chris kill terry
  14. Espurr

    Espurr #AlwaysStabEspurr Administrator VIP

    Christ Terry Tom
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  15. Anna

    Anna before we fade VIP

    Marry: Terry
    Fuck: Chris
    Kill: Tom
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  16. Whatwhat23

    Whatwhat23 Active Member

    This was a tough decision because I am straight

    Marry Terry Crew. He seems like a cool dude to hang out with

    Kill Tom Hardy bcz I never saw Mad Max

    Bang Chris Hemsworth bcz no one else to fill in the spot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  17. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    have u tried kegels? might make "the spot" a little easier to fill
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  18. Kill Kill Kill cos I ain't gay
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  19. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    I’m not sure you’re playing this game correctly

  20. LBPotatoes

    LBPotatoes That’s so crunchy VIP

    Bang bang bang cos I gay

    I no gay
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