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  1. Due to my many hours spent slaving away for the capitalist pigs, I have decided to lighten my load of too much money from too much overtime unto you, ¡ CѳMяADэS !

    I'll be giving away a game of your choosing, or several games, equal to around $20. I can be convinced of a game worth more if it's one that I REALLY enjoy myself and know you will too.

    To enter, Bang / Marry / Kill

    Terry Crews, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hardy.

    I will enter all contestants into a random drawing out of a hat.
    Yes, it will be a fedora.

    Well thought explanations of who, what, and why will earn a bonus slip of paper with their username.

    I will be drawing names in one week: May 25th.

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  2. Fiz

    Fiz in the darkest of nights you shine on Moderator VIP

    bang tom hardy - marry chris - kill terry :)))
  3. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    Bang Chris ('cause have you seen this guy? No homo) - Marry Terry (EXPLOSIONS) - Kill Tom (I don't really know why, but yeah)
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  4. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Moderator VIP

    I would marry Terry, because it rhymes, he definitely smells like Old Spice ALL the time, and he's such a pure soul.

    I would fuck Chris, because he is a very sexy man, and has a lovely beard.

    I would kill Tom, because he is the less appealing of the three, and maybe then, I could become Venom.
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  5. Death

    Death May we meet again. VIP

    Marry Tom cuz he might "share venom" with me.

    Fuck Chris cuz I might be worthy enough to weild Mjolnir or maybe just let's me use Stormbreaker for fun.

    Kill Terry, don't really know him well so I don't really care.
  6. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    Marry Tom Hardy
    Bang Chris Hemsworth
    Kill Terry Crews
  7. scuffed water

    scuffed water #TheScuffedFamily Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Bang chris marry terry and kill tom

    Edit: I would bang Chris because he’s a one night stand type of person it seems like lmao.

    Id marry terry because he’s funny and like huge and strong(y).

    Kill Tom because he’s just a not as good as the other two options
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  8. bang Tom Hardy
    marry Chris Hemsworth
    kill Terry Crews
  9. GimcSnooper

    GimcSnooper ♫ Maybe In Another Life I can find you there ♫ VIP

    Bang Tom -
    Marry Terry - Have you seen how great of a Dad Sergeant Terry Jeffords is?
    Kill Chris - Did you see the weight gain of Thor in end game?!
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  10. Pacifist

    Pacifist Waa Waa Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    fuck terry, merry chris, kill hardy.

    i've never seen mad max
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  11. Bang Tom hardy
    Marry Tom hardy
    Kill the other two
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  12. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

    Drunk Dog Christmas Dog i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    Bang: Chris Hemsworth cus idk, just seems kinda more like a one-night stand sorta thing. doubt we would really get along much.
    Marry: Terry cus he's actually a super great and sweet guy
    Kill: Tom cus idk who tf that is but he aint rly my type
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  13. Floof

    Floof Ball of Floof Banned VIP Silver

    Marry tom bang chris kill terry
  14. Espurr

    Espurr Never let your fear decide your fate Administrator VIP+

    Christ Terry Tom
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  15. Anna

    Anna before we fade VIP

    Marry: Terry
    Fuck: Chris
    Kill: Tom
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  16. Whatwhat23

    Whatwhat23 Member

    This was a tough decision because I am straight

    Marry Terry Crew. He seems like a cool dude to hang out with

    Kill Tom Hardy bcz I never saw Mad Max

    Bang Chris Hemsworth bcz no one else to fill in the spot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  17. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

    Drunk Dog Christmas Dog i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    have u tried kegels? might make "the spot" a little easier to fill
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  18. Kill Kill Kill cos I ain't gay
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  19. I’m not sure you’re playing this game correctly

  20. LBPotatoes

    LBPotatoes Yes. VIP

    Bang bang bang cos I gay

    I no gay
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