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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by ⚔️, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. ⚔️ ⚔️ screwdriver Banned VIP Silver

    I have £15 in my steam wallet, and I don't know what to spend it on. So I am going to do a giveaway for as many games as you want as long as the total price is £15 or less.

    To enter:
    Rate funny. That's it.

    Giveaway ends on 27th October
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  2. Xerp

    Xerp VIP

    i need cuphead

    only echo can get this
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  3. Timo654

    Timo654 EU BEST VIP Silver

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  4. n0blerone

    n0blerone VIP

    cuphead pls rig thanks for giveaway
  5. Acnologia

    Acnologia modern desperado VIP Silver

    I thought "I'll just look for the last item on my Wishlist"
    For some reason that's Dark Elf...
  6. ayygurl_

    ayygurl_ VIP

    thx for the generous giveway fam
  7. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    Cs source
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  8. I have a 4 week global ban please.
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  9. NanoSounds

    NanoSounds Active Member

    Hey Echo!
    If I am selected can I have Cities skylines, please!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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  10. firemac

    firemac Mac N Cheese VIP Silver

    If I win I'll have Cuphead. Was just gifted Cuphead, so instead if I win, Golf It and Stick Fight the game. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  11. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    If I win, hmu and I'll let you know what I want.

    Thanks for the neat giveaway o/
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  12. Boomshakalaka

    Boomshakalaka VIP Bronze

    Thanks! Riggg!
  13. thanks and if you rig i very happy
  14. Aquast

    Aquast lordy was here :barefoot: VIP Bronze

    rig or vac and report for harassment cya on forums
  15. BorkWoof

    BorkWoof VIP

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  16. Hyper ✿

    Hyper ✿ peace lata VIP Bronze

    Thanks for the Giveaway!
  17. Whatwhat23

    Whatwhat23 Active Member

    thank you!~
  18. Scotty

    Scotty Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. VIP Bronze

    Lol another thing ends on my birthday.
    I'll enter but can I use the cash to get cards and upgrade my steam level?
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  19. Thanks fam
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