Forum Rules

General Rules
  • 1. Be respectful to other users at all times.
  • 2. English only, please. We're an English speaking community and we expect our users to respect that.

What Isn't Allowed
  • 3. Harassment - don't harass or disrespect other members of the forum (start "flame-wars",name-call,curse out, etc.).
  • 4. Spamming - offtopic replies to threads or irrelevant threads/posts
  • 5. Gravedigging - replying to an old thread that is irrelevant now (old applications, old ban appeals, old suggestions, etc)
  • 6. Advertising - other servers, products, etc.
  • 7. Multiple Accounts - you may not have multiple accounts for any reason. Using one to evade punishment is met harshly.
  • 8. Porn, Gore or Disturbing Content - our community doesn't allow this content
  • 9. Illegal Discussions - we are not to be held responsible for any discussions on illegal topics and consequently don't allow it (this includes warez).
  • 10. Backseat Moderating - we have staff for a reason, report anything violating a rule, don't try and deal with it yourself.

Signature Rules

Shoutbox Rules
  • 13. The color red is to be used in the shoutbox for important announcements only. This means red and shades similar to red.

If you see a user breaking these rules please use the report function to report them, if you're unable to do so, private message a staff member on the forum.
Note: Abusing the report function qualifies as spam and will be dealt with harshly.

There is no set in stone punishment protocol, punishment depends on severity of offense.

Negligence to read or understand the rules will not get you out of punishment.