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Deathrun Rules

General Rules

  1. No ghosting/hacking/cheating
  2. No spamming or harassing other players
  3. No porn, gore or disturbing sprays/avatars/content
  4. No delaying the round
  5. No advertising
  6. Do not exploit maps
  7. Do not dodge your role (leave/AFK when Death)
  8. No unreadable nicknames (must contain 3 or more English characters)
  9. DEATHS Rules

  10. No trap stealing/hoarding
  11. No free passes/favoritism
  12. No trap spam (using all traps immediately)


  • Using external programs such as Steam chat, Skype, or in-game whispers to inform alive players of events that could change the pace of the game while dead.
  • This includes but is not limited to: telling alive players the location of Deaths, what buttons have and haven't been pressed, and what color/order specific buttons have been pressed (Left Left Right, Green Red Green, "It's the blue door!").

(If the above link doesn't work for you in-game, copy and paste this in your browser: https://discord.gg/Dn2DaQy)



  • 1st time - Gag/mute + warning.
  • 2nd time - Gag/mute for a round*
  • 3rd time - Ban 8 hours
  • * If you keep spamming in admin chat after being muted, you will be banned for 24 hours.

Harassment, improper name usage or false reporting

  • 1st time - Warning
  • 2nd time - Kick
  • 3rd time - Ban 24 hours
  • 4th time - Ban 5 days


  • 1st time - Warning
  • 2nd time - Ban 24 hours
  • 3rd time - Ban 5 days

Hacking & Cheating

  • 1st time - Ban 4 weeks
  • 2nd time - Ban 8 weeks

Porn/Gore/Disturbing sprays, avatars or content

  • 1st time - Ban 2 weeks
  • 2nd time - Ban 4 weeks
  • 3rd time - Ban 8 weeks
  • 4th time - Ban 26 weeks
Punishments are subject to change under an admin's discretion.