TB Wolf
Dec 4, 2013
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TB Wolf

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    1. Darth West
      Darth West
      I'm really sorry to see you go like that i wonder what happened. I really valued you as a really good moderator but you are still a friend to me. When you come back can you promise me to come back and not break like every rule. I miss you and cant wait to have you back, but you need to calm down. Love West123456a
      1. TB Wolf
        TB Wolf
        Yea, I figure I'll take the next month to try to make sure nothing like that happens again, maybe see a doctor and check if I have manic depression or something like that which would explain my drastic actions. It's a bit worrying that I can throw away an entire part of my life in just a few hours, and I'm thankful that it was just a video game instead of something more serious.
        Mar 24, 2014
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    Formerly known as Wolflord