Sep 27, 2016
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*insert whatever job I have here*


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Slowly starting to enjoy this game again... wont last probably but gonna love it while I can. Feb 14, 2021

    1. Adrian Shephard
      1. Scotty likes this.
      2. Scotty
        Very nice indeed.
        Feb 19, 2021
    2. Scotty
      Slowly starting to enjoy this game again... wont last probably but gonna love it while I can.
      1. Titan and Virunas like this.
    3. Acnologia
      1. Scotty and Aquast like this.
      2. Scotty
        Feb 13, 2021
        Acnologia likes this.
    4. Silly
      3 month sub from gifters
      1. Scotty likes this.
    5. Jabba the Slut
      Jabba the Slut
      Happy Birthday!
      1. Scotty and DarkShiny like this.
    6. Scotty
      Live your lives to the fullest. Don't ever let anything stop you.
      1. DarkShiny, Penius, Pokeben10 and 4 others like this.
    7. Shadow™
      He just lurks. nice
    8. Dwardu
      1. DarkShiny, Scotty and Aquast like this.
    9. Makuzi
      fiona or shirori
      1. Scotty likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Aquast
        Jul 2, 2020
        Scotty likes this.
      4. Scotty
        Shirori was ink. Fiona was me
        Jul 3, 2020
        Aquast likes this.
      5. Makuzi
        ok shirori
        Jul 3, 2020
        Aquast likes this.
    10. Carl
      1. Scotty
        you are correct about that
        Jun 27, 2020
        Carl likes this.
    11. Adrian Shephard
      Adrian Shephard
      pretty sure you are the white guy
      1. Lordyhgm, Aquast, Scotty and 2 others like this.
      2. Aquast
        that one
        Jun 11, 2020
        Scotty and Santa Claus like this.
      3. Adrian Shephard
        Adrian Shephard
        Where is he
        Jun 18, 2020
        Aquast likes this.
    12. Penius
      1. Scotty likes this.
    13. ⚔️
    14. Carl
      500 points away from being #1!
    15. Tsume
      So anyway I started blasting pow pow
      1. Scotty likes this.
    16. Scotty
      Slowly but surely I will be back here more often, love you guys <3
    17. dazza
      Yoooo welcome back you freaking nerd
      1. Scotty likes this.
    18. Sinz
    19. Wendy
      Hope you're doing well buddy
      1. Scotty and Aquast like this.
    20. Ashes Relandi
      Ashes Relandi
      Water is wet
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    *insert whatever job I have here*
    ^Made by anime girl^
    Made your way here huh?
    Glad to see you made it!
    Wanna know more about me? Just add me on Steam and ask away!
    ^Made by Silent Rebel^
    Opalium - Where do I start with this man? Put up with me for the months that I've been here and dealt with my constant questions for him and among other things. Glad to have this guy as my owner. This guy is a serious role model to follow, no matter how much he misses discord messages.
    Cafedemocha - Gave me my chance here at SGM and made me one of his moderators. If I ever get to move up from this position I will always have him to thank for the start!
    Robokiller87 - Gave me a spot on the MC team. This dude knows anime and memes so if you ever interact with this man, be prepared cause he will drop some on you!
    Solar - Honestly, every time we are in game or in a conversation, I laugh every time. No matter how stupid it is or how lengthy it may be, we both get it. This is one of the guys that I have multiple inside jokes with and can expect hell from me where ever he ends up. Got me hooked on the K Pop world of things and can always kill thank him for that. <3
    Dobie - This is honestly one of the best chicks I have ever met. Once the moment I interacted with her, I knew we would be friends. Has the drive of a Dodge Hellcat but can be gentle as a regular cat. Makes great photos, even got one of her photos a wall scroll. She will be cool no matter what happens to me or her.
    Mellow - This is a try hard at heart, but doesn't want to admit it. Once he got trial mod, I knew he had potential. Was it fate that I got mod while he got trial, our world domination plans only grew from that point!
    Acnologia - My brother here at SGM since the beginning. You have kept me up late at nights trying to go to sleep. You rarely use your voice but when you do its deep. Glad you decided to use your voice and got everything going for you. Love you brother. You keep that personality of yours going.
    Carned - Dear God where do I start with you. You basically trained me everyday that I got up to play. May seem like a prick to begin with, but once you break down the walls, he actually a really good guy. Hell, you even took the time to follow me on Twitter and friend me on Snapchat. This guy is going places in life, whether he realizes it or not.
    Nefarious - You drive me up the wall every time you and I are on the same server or on TS. I still will remember my first day as trial mod you pranking me into thinking if I got a slay I would be demoted, I still do that to trials to this day. Nefarious don't you ever change, and if you do I will hurt you. Love you though! <3
    DieKasta - You of all people gave me my first tenure as an admin when I felt you were my biggest critic. I can only have nothing but respect and thanks towards you. With all of the times in TS to the floor of the games we keep a laugh.
    POP STAR - Picked me back up after my demotion, and also gave me the chance to look at staffing differently. You were the one to flip my mind around and gave me a whole new mindset. The serious rappers was one of our things, hopefully after one of us falls it can continue, even as just a joke between us and the community.
    Jassa, Smusha, Onion, Agent A, Falcor, Hyper, Atlas, Wink, Pacifist, Dark of Dutch, Senpai Reich, Vinerra, Siddo, Jaysu, Azaelus, Ptownslayer21, GimcSnooper - This is a group of people that have made my time here at SGM enjoyable. For the early morning with half of them and then the other half at night, I was entertained 24/7. Never had a dull moment with these people and most likely never will.
    The SGM Community - To the countless memes in Shout box to the memories in game, I thank all of you. When this community accepted me into its arms, I was not expecting a family that I could talk to anything about. If I ever leave this family, I will be deeply sadden. Even if lose interest in Gmod, I will always be in Shout box talking to y'all end up giving away random ranks like I always do.

    Regular: 9/27/16 to 1/16/17
    Trial Moderator: 1/17/17 to 1/27/17
    TTT Moderator: 1/27/17 to 07/08/17
    MC Moderator 2/27/17 - 3/27/17
    TTT (2nd) Moderator: 7/24/17 - 08/26/17
    Admin: 08/26/17 - 10/22/17
    TTT (3rd) Moderator: 10/22/17 - 05/26/18
    Airforcie -1
    DR Moderator: 01/05/18 - 02/17/18
    #Team 8-Bit

    TTT (4th) Moderator: 6/27/18 - 9/25/18
    DR (2nd) Moderator: 7/2/18 - 9/25/18

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    Thank you Opalium for the main signature.
    Former Administrator of #THEUNDERGROUND