RDM and Leave bans are pointless

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Dani, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Iuna

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    It isn't affecting your real life commitments, because we're not making you sit in front of your computer, just keep gmod open. And for the second part, like I said above, if we don't know where the original slay came from, or we aren't on when they leave during a slay round, they aren't going to get banned for it. Therefore, by letting them leave and serve the slay whenever they want, all they have to do to get out of serving the slay entirely is join the server sometime in the future, and leave during the slay round. No need to serve a slay or a ban.
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    You can call it whatever the hell you want. Petty, not petty, whatever man it means nothing to me. I actually kind of agree with you in a way that it is frustrating to be banning people who just want to go watch anime porn or some shit but at the same time I accept that these types of things can easily be worked out through appeals. If it gets to be a problem where you are constantly having to leave to go watch anime porn or some shit you are probably not going to be allowed back on the servers through an appeal.

    I think it boils down to trust. Staff don't trust the players leaving with the slay are leaving for good reason, like watching anime porn or some shit, and they can't trust you to sit and take the slay. In a perfect world this problem could be avoided, but I guess there are a few ways we could fix this. None of which are going to be popular, and I doubt we'll change anything but consider the follow:

    1) We remove RDM and Leave bans entirely. Simply just allow people to take the slay whenever they choose to. Simple enough, requires little to no oversight, people don't get banned for having to get off the server. The only con with this one is that some dickheads are going to be upset because of change
    2) Compromise in the middle, state that for an RDM and Leave ban to be justified, the player must show that they are leaving because of the slay. Basically, ban only if the person says something like "fuck this gay shit i'm leaving this gay server fuck you" or similar things. Buff the time banned for, as this is technically a more serious offense now.
    3) do fuck all.

    Change is possible, just unlikely.
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    The point of rdm and leave bans is to make the player who did do a RDM stay on and serve his or her slay out for killing or damaging another player for no reason. If you wish to do something else then wait for a slay to finish tab out of the game and leave once you serve the slays out.
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  4. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

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    This thread is pointless
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  5. Theinkern

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    I am going to try explain the due process here as I feel its still not being 100% fully explained.

    1: When a player submits a reports about another player who rdmed them they want to see some sort of action taken usually. This will result in a slay if it does deem to be rdm or some other offense and leaving the server is a quick way out of punishment. Therefor a heftier punishment is put out with a rdm and leave ban. Sure they can never come back, or they could eventually come back to serve the slay. The point is there is punishment for not following the rules, and if you try to evade heftier punishment is pushed out. Sure the player may never come back, but at least you set a standard that rdm and leaving is bad. Also you give that justice to the victim. Now this is victim sided and how it helps to show that we do something about rule breakers.

    2: Here is the side that is more staff focused. Whenever a player that is known to RDM or leave or a brand new player it helps because a record is built for them evading slays. They could come back when the server is only 5 people and serve a 30 sec slay rather than a full round of a full server which they were on for. I believe slays are more justified when you are serving them on the current server you are on as each slay time is different because the round times are different per amount of people. Now as far as building as case it is strongly important to avoid such toxic people from finding such loopholes like I mention by issuing a ban. Now this ban is minor and only on one server for the time being, but it builds a case against the player. If they are to come back and repeat the same offense we can ban for an extended time and continue to do so because again they could be loopholing and I'm sure the victim wants to see the person get slain and lose out on a round during the match that they were serving. I mean can you imagine its a full server and you are a traitor that you just bought and an inno comes around and kills you for standing still too long claiming "OH U WERE LOOKING AT POINTSHOT ~!!!@@!KOS!@!" and now you have to sit dead for 3-5 minutes. Then when the slay is issued he leaves and coems back when the server is dead and serves the slay in 20-30seconds or just comes back and continues the same offense without serving the ban or slay at all? This is why I think RDM and leave bans are necessary.

    3: This is server side more focused I believe. If the server which staff are on witness slaying and banning happening for rdm and leaving it sets a tone that staff aren't going to let people get away when taking away someones round of TTT. This will show to others who are currently playing that there is punishment for your actions and will hopefully be a big prevention in doing the same exact offense. The victims or regular players will also see staff are doing something to handle problem players or evading players and this will prevent anyone in the population of the server getting the smart idea to do the same offense and evade it like the rdmer who just did so.

    Overall there is a big purpose and many effects of putting out an rdm and leave ban and I hope you can take the time to read my arguments for why they are in place and why they are here to help the server more than just showing that staff are some how ban happy lol.
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  6. Robyn

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    How about... Don’t RDM? :whistle: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  7. Hyper ✿

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  8. Assuming you've never RDM'd, purposefully or accidentally. What a clever response! I didn't think of this.
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  9. Jabba the Slut

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    Only time I've ever gotten an RDM and Leave ban was when I first joined the community. I had somewhere to be. Went to a football game, it was senior night.

    I knew what was gonna happen.

    But I didn't care, what's five days timeout when there's eight other servers? (At the time.)

    What I'm saying, is yes, they're pointless.

    Perma-ban these fuckers. Make them afraid.


    *Not Serious
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  10. Saturnity

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    .... Just don't leave when you are being punished?

    It's to tell you "Hey, don't leave again while being punished, it's not that hard" if you have actual matters that you need to tend to, doesn't take much time to shoot a message to staff. As Paci said, it's a timeout, you aren't supposed to be able to just willingly get out of it by leaving.
  11. Y'all can mark my comments dumb all you want, but most of you guys are literally ignoring most of the comments on this thread and are just repeating the same mantra of "just don't leave xD" as if that solves the discussion being presented. And you can keep saying that there are ways for someone to circumvent a slay if they can leave without getting an RDM and Leave ban, but it's really no different than keeping the slay on the person after giving them an RDM and Leave ban. Both scenarios they're going to come back and potentially be on a server that has no admins/mods on, and will just leave after getting the slay.

    Perhaps an easy way to fix the debate would be to program some way for the slays to stay on a person until the round they get slain in is over.
  12. Robyn

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    I have about 150 slays. Its not that hard to not RDM though. You could simply choose to only shoot someone after they damage you and you’ll never get slain. :whistle: Getting a little off topic, so back to the point...
    The point of slays and RDM and leave bans is so that the player unlawfully killed can have equal treatment as the player who committed the unlawful kill. The player must serve out the entire round since the person killed did when they were RDM’ed. It is also comforting for some players to see the killer slain for their actions. Its been a big part of all TTT servers for a while, so I don’t really see it going away.
  13. I mean, it's only pretty easy to not RDM if you're not taking the round seriously. If you're genuinely trying to win, RDMs happen often and are accidental for the majority of the time.

    I say that it's still equal when giving someone a slay. A person being RDMd doesn't necessarily have to be out for the whole round, the RDM could have happened near the end for example. But slays always happen at the beginning of a round and, if the person leaves, they're still out an entire round unless they become lucky enough to join a server right as it's switching rounds.
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  14. Orion

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    It's late 2018 and we're discussing RDM and Leave, something that is in every TTT community. Humanity is going back in evolution.
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  15. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

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    This discussion should have ended after Mango's post. We have the opinion for it and the opinion against it, why do we need 200 replies restating those two opinions in different words?

    Also can we stop trying to remove punishments? If the server dies at some point I can assure you this won't be the reason why.
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