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  1. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    Before I start, this is not a thread to complain or cry like a baby about problems but not help in any way. Here I want to address something that I think deserves a thread. Also, as you might have noticed, long post ahead. So if you want to comment on something, please read the whole post, and if you dont, just dont comment anything. However, I accept any type of feedback and criticism, and will be more than glad to address every comment.

    Since the first day I joined and saw how the economy worked, I knew that in the long run it wouldnt work. What I did not expect is that it wouldnt even last 2 months. This is not a "I told you so" argument, but instead I say this because the problem of the server doesnt lie on anything else other than the nature of this Survival Economy and its effects, and let me explain why:

    This economy is pretty much based on a realistic economy, and thats why it is so unstable, because MC is not reality. The nature of MC dictates that although it might take some time, there is infinite supply. At first the high demand of these supplies was what kept the value the same, but when people started getting everything and not needing more supplies, the demand went downhill, taking the value down with it.

    I posed this issue since the first day to @Mr. Disco if I remember well, but I didnt think it would be that fast because I was not aware of the "paradise" that is the End. That "paradise" was also what got me to 430K$ and 2nd top balance, since you got so much loot that you could sell that automatically every price went down. But this wasnt the only reason for this mass deflation, since another one were the spawners that were sold in the market (which I still find to be a dumb idea) because they granted unlimited xp and resources that people constantly sold. Not only that, but also the auto vegetable farms.

    It even got to the point where I couldnt sell a Dragon head for 10$, because people didnt need/want them, and they were worth 150K in the market. Everything lost all its value and the only way to earn money was by selling ores to the market. Well, it was actually flint, but they quickly patched it.

    I have joined multiple times in the last week only to find 0 players in the server, Even going so far as AFKing for a few hours and then coming back and checking chat, only to find that nobody had joined in the meantime. Nobody has any interest or goal at this point, including me sadly.

    What doomed the server was the fact that people were bored because the only thing left to do was gather resources with no end goal what so ever. The selling point of the server at first was the massive ability to trade with players, but now theres nothing and no one to trade with, since money is pretty useless at this point. There is basically no point to playing right now, and I think that is why survival vanilla with an economy is not self sustainable and doesnt work in a public server.

    The only way I see that we can save the server and the potential playerbase it still has is by resetting it.

    Its not easy for me to say may I add. Ive spent over 170 hours on that server, and I have grinded my way to the (almost)top. I know the time and effort I have put into all my work will be gone, but it will mean the same as if it stays there, because I just wont play anymore so I will not see it either way. And this way we can still save the server. We cant keep following the survival path down the rabbit hole because it will kill the last dedicated MC players and will cause the complete shutdown of the server. I still see hope, but just not in Survival.

    What I propose is turning SMC into a self sustainable replayable and enjoyable gamemode that players will enjoy a year from now, just like TTT. It could range from Survival Games, to Extreme Walls, to War or (best case scenario, but very challenging) a server with a multitude of gamemodes like spleef, building contests, the before mentioned pvp modes, escape the beast (like deathrun, where players run through a map with traps and parkour to escape a player hunting them down) and some other stuff. We could handle the ranks just like in TTT, where ranked players are given cosmetic options like hats, trails, pets and extra votes that they can show off to the whole server. Make it a true lobby, where players can interact and have a diversity of gamemodes to play in.

    Of course this would take a tremendous (or at least moderate) amount of time, but I am confident it would assure to success of SMC just like that of TTT. I am prob one of the first people who wants to see SMC triumph, but I dont see how beating a dead horse solves the problem, and survival has no hope. Lets make something big guys.

    My fingers are crying.
    -Kyle :penguin:
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  2. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I would like to add something really important, since I forgot about it in the OP.
    The MC dev team (@Deathbyrussian @irritatingness and @Disruptionz) have done a marvelous job trying to improve the situation and responding to all feedback, be it positive or negative. I hate how people just say that they arent doing anything, when they dont propose any solutions of any kind and just hate int he most literal sense.

    But I think the person who deserves the most praise is by far @Robokiller87 . He has been blamed for most problems and is expected to solve every problem posed and have all the answers, when that is not his obligation and he has no reason to do so, and HE STILL responds to feedback and tries to help in every situation. If you say that the staff/dev team doesnt care, you just dont know what the fuck you are talking about.
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  3. Koishi

    Koishi Killer Queen VIP

    tl;dr the mc server is fucking dead

    couldn't agree more, there's little to no hope in bringing the server back from being deathrun 2.0
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  4. Amatsu

    Amatsu Emerald

    Unfortunately I am among those that believe there is little hope. I might complete my build project, though, but I'm certainly not logging the hours I used to...
  5. StrayHunter

    StrayHunter Emerald

    I agree with this thread and defend it's purpose which is to MAKE SMC GREAT (AGAIN)
    Regards, the dude who inflated the Elytra's by selling them starting at 10$ in first week, and selling shulker boxes 600$ each.
    Also, MANY people left just because PVP got limited. It sounds like a fundamentally good idea to add pvp-centric games.
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  6. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I remember people (not gonna name any) blaming the players who sold at extremely low prices for the downfall of SMC. This is not the case. The downfall came in the nature of the economy itself. Its not the players fault that the fact that there is infinite supply = no value was not considered in the making on this economy.
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  7. StrayHunter

    StrayHunter Emerald

    That dilemma happened because all the big fish got those items and applied unb3 and mending before leaving time for other people to sell them, it doesn't have anything to do with the infinite supply but limited demand.
    >tfw u kill a server just because you like sharing
    I had 10 elytras before anyone else had one, and made sick top dollar out of it.
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  8. Adminツ

    Adminツ VIP

    i think the mc server should do a full reset and start over. Giving everyone the chance to start at a equal level.
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  9. Dexter

    Dexter SGM's Resident Former Rage Mod VIP Emerald

    Then the server might as well be completely removed and no MC server anymore because players DEFINITELY won't be happy to come back to having put over a hundred hours building just erased.

    I don't know at this point, I'll always support the server and try to be on it as much as I can. The 'big fish' got their catapulted first start because they've dumped in hundreds of dollars for the premium crates that quickly gave them 2-3 dozen+ fully enchanted diamond sets.
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  10. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    The answer IS NOT to restart in the same survival gamemode with the same flawed economy. That would be like shoveling all the snow from a deadly avalanche that happened to the top of the mountain, only to let it fall again and have the same catastrophic event happen.

    The answer is to change to a more stable gamemode, where EVERYBODY can enjoy at any point in time.
  11. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Best Member VIP Bronze

    get rid of the economy, its causing too many problems. and the servers dead because you guys keep saying it is and everyones like "uh-huh, okay yeah its dead"

    lets all log in at 5pm SHARP today, all 340 of us
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  12. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I agree with the fact that the economy should be removed completely, but that would make the gamemode even less appealing and very boring. The key is to change gamemodes completely. And the server is pretty much dead. Theres a max of 2 players online at a time. But the community doesnt help in any way by just complaining for the sake of complaining and not adding anything to the solution. Its not about the fact that the server is currently dead, but the fact that we can change that.
  13. Veno

    Veno Emerald

    Kyle I don't think the players have any ability to revitalize the server at this point -- you can't coerce people into playing on a server that they find boring.
  14. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    And THATS why we have to change things up, to revitalize it. People are bored of Survival, but we can make it into an awesome replayable experience.
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