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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Field_Sweeper, Apr 5, 2014.

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  1. Show the following, The report filed.

    The WHOLE LOG please. if you would so kindly do so. and request Snappy tutles input since he wqas there and alive for it all.

    I will bet you all my points and AND the fact that I will NEVVVVVVVVVERRRR play here again, IF you can produce the two reports on those people.
  2. I warnd in voice as I always do which is why no one filed a report, not even snappy. also the other peopel I honelty dont know how it shows frag I only used one the whole dramn round threw it in the freezer at rice, no one else was there, got a hit marker (assumed him but was obv snappy)

    BUT the other was not me, regardless of those logs, and if it was for some freak of a reason them that got dmaged, realyy the only time I thrw a frag I warned, before I even pulled the pin.

    as far as the death station goess I placed one at the other end of a car from a AFK T, maybe he got hit with part of it. since the damage was not like 9000 (they nay have been just a slight out of range) could that cause it to think the same, or at the same time etc etc. either way nades dont go thrw walls let alone even the crates in the freezer
  3. Again if you can produce THE actual REPORTS filed from BOTH of those guys (you would think at least ONE of them if RDM'ed as a T wuld report it right?) then You will NEVER NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN hear from me I will leave, and hell ill even give you al lmy point (approx 8k) before leaving for good.

    this will be my last post on here unless you can produce those. (or I get snappy / I eat rice / peppy oppinions
  4. Oh by the way I was confused, Not Killamarshell lol Kilderwill I believe, always getting those two names mixed up lol
  5. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    If that was the last innocent, then why would it be your death station that killed them?

    Also, you're banned from the shout box for your third offense of harassment via the shout box. You won't be unbanned from it for a week.
  6. IO am not saying that they died at the end of round I am saying the only time I threw a nade was shortly before round end, well at least before I died and snappy who killed me with his Jihad by not warning.
  7. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    And if you saw from the first chat image url I posted, I slayed Snappy for that (he acknowledged that he RDMed and accepted the slay during the time).
  8. sweeper ev.png Oh btw if you look at the times, you can see that it confirms my story, that shortly before snappy killed himself and me is when my nade went off (in the freezxer, so if they were in there with him, what in hell were they waiting, on, I did ssay I was going to throw a nade, which is why snappy waited a sec. then he went in and kille me and him,. keep in mind he didnt warn, so If my nade ging into the same room that snappy jihadded afterwards if my nade didtn kill them the jihad would have then it would eb on snappy, ironically enough.

    I however warned and have no freaking idea how they died from it since I eat rice was the ONLY ONE IN THE FREEZER./ and ME AND SNAPPY WERE THE ONLY ONES just outside. it

    Also how does all that crap take place after snappy kill me and himself but not kill Rice with it, yet he gets killed after pepe does all that, there is something wrong with those logs. since snappy didnt kill I eat rice with the Jihad, lol I was pretty sure He was shot by one of the last T's

    btw how do I invite people here so that snappy, and I eat rice, and the two T's can reply??
  9. I know, I am not arguing about that, I am only talking about the course of events on my issue.
  10. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    I want to point out that rice was killed by Snappy's C4. So it is completely understandable as to why he killed him after he died.

    By the looks of it, rice wasn't where the two of you thought he was; somehow you both do damage to other traitors but none to him. Yes, he may have been in the area, but he didn't even ID his body until twenty seconds after he died; makes me think he may not have been where you thought he was.

    @sNAppy-TurTle and @I Eat Rice will reply with their input.
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  11. Oh yeah I remember that part now lol, cus he said "how did I die?" lol
  12. Rice will confirm (I eat rice) that he was in the Freezer room lol, me and snappy were just outside, hence (also RADAR eill show that) only me and snappy and rice lol so that Is why I think something is wrong with that log.
  13. is peepy and the other guy members of the forums? I hope so I would like them to say exaclty where they were. also maybe have four of us test with were they were and were me snappy and rice were, maybe some match glitch were explsosive "wraps around" or something., I doubt that but I know Rice was the ONLY person in that room, and me and snappy only people Just out side. I am preetty sure peppy and the other guy were on the other end of the train.
  14. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    Those were the actual logs. Rice had nothing to do with your slay so why ask.....?
  15. ^^^ Reason number 100000 why source TV needs to be added lol, to be able to go back and view from anyones perspective would be FREAKING awesome endall for all arguments lmao
  16. Odd you care. does it matter??

    I am asking him to confirm he was the only one in that room. and if my nade or his Jihad damaged him at all/

    if the logs are accurate, can someone else check them now please) then why the worry about rice?
  17. ZeRo

    ZeRo :sneaky: Banned VIP Silver

    Nope. It really doesn't matter. Why would you ask in the first place? lol
  18. Why in hell would you not read the line after that, I LITERALLY SAID THE EXACT REASON as to why I am asking him.
  19. Thorn

    Thorn A Thorn in your side. VIP

    I am just going to ask this, is it possible that the deaths of the T buddies caused by Field Sweeper was from the C4 that field sweeper planted at 1:52 and caused the deaths at 2:38? Just figured I would ask.
  20. sNAppy-TurTle

    sNAppy-TurTle VIP Silver

    I believe he is correct about the location of everyone. I was going over this with thorn. Rice was the last kill so Field and I were the first to the freezer where i saw him throw the nade into the freezer. I didnt think he killed anyone because I thought it was just rice in the freezer. I think the other two were further back in the train away from us and the nade. I think that field's c4 may have something to do with this. Because it was my jihad that killed him, and would of killed anyone else right outside the freezer, or at least hurt. I got stuck in the doorway of the freezer and jihaded without warning. Killing both field and I. My C4 in the mini elevator killed the T at the end.
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