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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Aria, Apr 14, 2021.

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    • Favorite memory of SGM : whenever I loudly and obnoxiously spam atonal modernist classical music
    • One word to describe me: i dont know you so ~mysterious~
    • Favorite staff member: @Lovisa is a real g
    • Favorite movie/genre: i hate movies and the only acceptable answer is the esteemed television dramatic comedy curb your enthusiasm by larry david
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  1. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    Favorite Memory: Back in 2020 Summer, ( i'll link a video soon )
    Aria Description: Cute, Friendly, Courteous, why are you never around anymore?
    Favorite Staff: @RyanHymenman by far, best admin ever #Ryan4Lead
    Favorite Movie: Polar Express, never gets boring
    Favorite Genre: Action
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  2. Shadow™

    Shadow™ What it do Shortyyyy™ VIP

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  3. j3kawesome

    j3kawesome "mestimate" - Indy226 Administrator VIP Silver

    My Favorite SGM Memory: https://streamable.com/wu6czg this has to be it - Giraffe is funni
    One word to describe u: pogchamp
    Favorite Staff Member: My Ride or Die @RyanHymenman I'll always be there for him and I know he has my back
    Favorite Genre: Sci-Fi/Action or Dystopian Future
    Favorite Movie: Any of the New Star Trek Movies - Star Trek (2009), Star Trek into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond - Not a movie but Star Trek: Discovery the TV show is also amazing

    pspspspspsps I have gotten your cats attention

    Oh and If I win, Talk to me I wanna give it to one of my mods (unless its the points. those are mine)
  4. 1: done
    2: hmm, so much stuff, I guess my favorite memory is when slug got banned for using that T trap on rooftop
    3: gamer
    4: well I have 1 admin n mod, littlememe and titan
    5: favorite genre Is action, I have 2 favorite movies (both in spanish)


    I love watching the old max steel movies, and they are all on youtube so that's pretty good.

    Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone
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  5. Carl

    Carl Kachow! VIP

    • First time I got mod for sure
    • T-Rex
    • Husky
    • Romcom, 50 First Dates
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  6. Najm

    Najm Feeling cute, might remove other eye later. VIP

    Entering for @SavannahBanana ma sista in Christ

    - Getting demoted was awesome man
    - @Lordyhgm
    - Inception I guess? SciFi
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  7. Ashes Relandi

    Ashes Relandi ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Weeb Admin of TTT Administrator VIP Silver

    • Favorite memory of SGM - Demoting Scotty.
    • One word to describe me - BESTIEEE
    • Favorite staff member - Me obviously.
    Who watches movives. Lul
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  8. SavannahBanana

    SavannahBanana I Love Bananas :D VIP Emerald Bronze

    • Favorite memory of SGM: That time I accidentally banned @j3kawesome instead of slaying him :ROFLMAO:
    • One word to describe me: A-fucking-dorale
    • Favorite admin: @Pierogi mod: @Sanchez ❤ trial: @Klutch
    • Favorite movie/genre: Christian and favorite movie is I Still Believe
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  9. Favorite memory:
    Descriptor: Dinosaur
    Staff Member: I dunno pacifist?

    Goddammit I don't watch movies enough. I guess action? I like Requiem for a Dream tho.
  10. Favorite memory: every time an inno/D gets karma banned for failing to disarm c4. Worst one I ever saw was 8 RDMs
    Word: Sleepy
    Staff member: HARD @dazza , pierogi is close second
    Movie/Genre: The Raid Redemption, you should watch if you've never seen it before. Fav genre is Action/Thriller

    thanks for the giveaway
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  11. Favorite memory: https://streamable.com/9egrn and many others from back in 2019 :)
    One word to describe you: I haven't seen you in a while, but as far as I remember you're like cool :)
    Favorite staff member: idk, I guess @Titan
    Favorite genre: Hip-hop
    Favorite movie: Haven't seen a movie in like 10k years so I don't remember if I even had a favorite, but I enjoy romance (1 entry btw)

    Also, ty for giveaway
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  12. I only came here to do one thing. And this to let everyone know that @MONKMAN is the greatest and my favorite staff member for the following reasons: doesn't talk. not cringe. and I've never seen him in-game which means he doesn't abuse power. Thank you for listening to my power point.
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    MONKMAN almond milk enthusiast Supporter

    shit u figured me out
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