You're Dead To Me and Screw Gravity

Discussion in 'Jihad Sounds' started by Bacon Bombs, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Bacon Bombs

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    I thought these two would be pretty funny and the time length for the jihad would be probably perfect! Anyway thank you for looking at my suggestions and I hope you like them! :)
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  2. Mr Butters

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    These 2 do not really fit the role of jihad sounds, as a jihad sound is suppose to be loud and fast (Everybody do the flop). Can you tell me if there is a single jihad currently with slow dull talking?

    -1 I can see what you are attempting to do but like I said they don't fit the role.
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  3. Python~

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    We already have an ASDF movie Jihad sound
    The first one doesn't sound relevant to anything in TTT
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  4. tz-

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    +1 for screw gravity :sneaky:
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  5. BigBoyMansion

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    +1 for Your dead to me

    -1 for screw gravity