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  1. tylerjoseph(henry)

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    Woah... woah... woah what the fu-

    Hey guys, it's been around like a year and a half since I've played gmod. I go on the forums like once every two months. But I've started to like gmod again and I love playin some good ol' TTT (or deathrun).

    I wanted to be a member again, like someone who actually contributes and stuff. So I guess I truly am b a c k.
    I also decided that I should probably tell you a little bit about myself:

    My real name is Henry, most people call me tyler (I actually prefer tyler). I'm a writer and I love a lotta alternative, bedroom pop type shit. I play CS:GO a lot, not super seriously though. So if you wanna fuck around on comp msg me.
    My favorite band is Twenty One Pilots. I don't got a favorite color cause I'm colorblind.
    That's literally all there is to know, add me on steam or discord if you wanna just chill, become friends or somethin. Always in the mood for that!

    Anyway, that's all. Hope y'all remember me or somethin! !

    (Also I think I donated 50 elites a year ago? Maybe I got a few more of those left in me)
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  2. Credence

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    Welcome back!
  3. Jabba the Jolly Slut

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    Welcome back ex dr staff!
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    I beat paci
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    idk you but welcome back!
  6. Pacifist

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    welcome back amigo
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  7. Lordyhgm

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  8. GusyNeitor

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    Hey!, glad to see you back (even though I didn't saw you leave in first place <.<), good to see old members rejoin again :)

    About the Cs thingie, can we play some, haven't touched the game in 2 years and my main got hacked, it would be nice to have someone experienced teach me the ways of the game again
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  10. Noctorious

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    Welcome back
  11. tylerjoseph(henry)

    tylerjoseph(henry) My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    of course bruh, hmu anytime !
  12. Panda With a Gun

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    hey man
  13. eks dee

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    i don't know you, regardless welcome back