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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Xproplayer, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Xproplayer

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    literally doesnt even consider any side of an appeal just instant denies whatever bans he does. This reminds me of when he banned winchester for rdm and leave after 11 seconds and every admin i've spoken with said it was a blatant bias, perhaps wink is back to his old discretion abuse ways even though sith master is gone?​
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    my appeal​
  2. Dolph1n

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  3. john redcorn

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    Howdy Xpro,

    While you aren't contesting the ban itself, I'll give a brief explaination of it; @lil f was making a legitimate request for staff in shoutbox, and you decided to bury it intentionally with wall of text and emojis. While normally this would just constitute a warning, you've been recently warned by another adminstrative figure for this behavior and I elected for the option of a one day ban. I've attached some screenshots.

    I denied the appeal not out of bias, but out of fairness. As you know, you aren't immune to our community's rulesets and it would be unfair to others to have you not serve a punishment you have earned.

    I'll leave this portion up to my lead to evaluate himself, I don't think my input will be needed.

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  4. Xproplayer

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    That was done nov 7th 2017, which would have been 2 weeks ago last night roughly. So do all shoutbox warnings last for 2+ weeks now? Because I feel like a lot of people should get banned then, or is it just a coincidence that you chose to ban me and the warning was given that long ago?
  5. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    Hey Xpro,

    There's several things to consider here.

    After looking at the evidence- it is abundantly clear. You spammed shoutbox- even using an enlarged version of the spam emoji, in order to knock off French's staff request, even stating that you're not a fan of people requesting staff in shoutbox. This is a clear case of not only spam, but with a nefarious intent.

    As you're well aware, warnings are not required for forum punishments and it is up to the admin's discretion to place one before issuing a ban. We do encourage this for minor offenses, or users that may not be aware of the rules, or even when it seems like these small instances are a small lapse of judgement- your case does not fall under either of these. What we're not here to do however- is to constantly and continuously act as the role a parent who's going to count to three and every major offense and hope they stop once we finish counting to three. You have received plenty of warnings, for plenty of minor offenses- one recently, and yes, two weeks is very recent considering that you are well aware of what falls under spam. Warnings do not have expiration dates and are dealt with on a case by case basis and in consideration of the previous offense and future offenses.

    Wink did not abuse discretion in this case and the ban will stay. Lets stop these borderline cases- you know better, Xpro.

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