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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Xproplayer, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    Report or Appeal:
    Username of the reported player:
    Miggo, doben, jaysu, magma, jassa, machine
    Explain the case:
    harassing by laughing at being banned​
    Related Evidence:

    idgaf if they don't get a formal warning, being told that isn't allowed is enough​
  2. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver



    We were just happy to be able to post freely in shoutbox again without having everything covered by your jumbo emojis. I hope you aren't trying to abuse the harassment rules again in spite of being banned for a history of spamming jumbo emojis.

    And that 2nd screenshot I wasn't even referring to you lol
  4. Doben

    Doben Party Monster VIP

    Hey Xpro thanks for reporting me on my birthday. This helps me improve my- uh wait.
    Well you called me bitch, milf and with some other sexual words for countless time and I never felt “harassed” cause as you always say “its internet” and “have a thicccc skin”.
    I cant see the harassing part of laughing tho.
    But whatever have a thick skin and enjoy the community. See you next time.
  5. Jaysu

    Jaysu BAMF VIP

    As I am involved, I get a say in this.

    Last time, it was the Xpoo extravaganza.
    Today, we can't even laugh.

    You might as well report everyone in the screenshot you just posted to be frank. You might set the colour of your name to be red, but trust me, you ain't even close to being as mature to be able to handle that colour.
    You have barely escaped for a lot of times now, ever reflected on any of that?
    No offense, as time goes on, your reports get pettier than before.
    1st screenshot in the second response of yours, I can't even laugh at someone getting reported by you?
    2nd screenshot, referring to past events is considered breaking the rules now?
    3rd screenshot, even expressing my affection for a member of this community is considered bad?
    Maybe get your common sense out of the delusional brain of yours and actually use it? I am pretty sure that some members of this community are pretty fed up with your shit but they just chose to keep quiet and meme on.

    I'll be leaving the verdict of this report up to not my admin (insert name of higher up). Anyways, thanks for reporting me and have a great day!
  6. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    Closing, and cancelling the report at Xpro's request.

    I will say however, please lets leave the talk out of shoutbox and in the reports instead. No need to cause extra unnecessary drama.
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