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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Xproplayer, Sep 23, 2017.

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  2. Xproplayer

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    Also theres no way to verify this, but I actually didn't see the warning. Regardless 1 warning then ban while technically "allowed" due to admin discretion, is just silly especially when I was imply pointing something out. AND, after your warning he said a comment, so seems like a bit of a bias there
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  4. Theinkern

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    I will post my evidence here.

    The warning 2: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This shows my warning that I have given to you xpro. I told you to cut it out, the claim of you "missing it" is not enough imo. It was mentioned in 3 lines. In addition to that, you had continued instigating the player about something and you constantly kept instigating as proved in these screenshots. You were just banned a few days ago for this issue of instigating and too many warnings were given out and you did not take any of them serious. It is time for you to STOP when a warning is given out. You do not keep going after 1st warning and stop after a 2nd warning is made. You need to stop when the first warning is issued. You have just been banned for the reasoning of instigating and here you did it as well and I gave my warning. The fact of the matter is you need to cut it out with the instigating in shoutbox, and listen when a staff member puts a warning up. After the first warning you need to stop.

    I will leave this report to helix, he is already aware of this report so no need in tagging.
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    You gave ONE warning. Again, I didn't see it as I was alt tabbing in and out and playing gmod, but I don't expect my whole case to run on that. "it was mentioned in 3 lines" what does that even mean, it was one comment where you said cut it out and then later please, thats 2 comments. The member requested a staff member for the 2nd time recently and both times I posted my response because some players feel that if they ask for a staff member they should get one and I don't like that mindset, staff join when they can obviously. I give him my nice friendly response and I get a "stop licking their ass" which is him insulting me in response to a copy paste. "did not take any warnings serious" bro are you serious right now, the entire reason zomb got banned was because I STOPPED after your 2nd warning and she DIDNT. I have never seen a staff member ban someone after one warning, hence why I am reporting you for this. Not to mention the length of the ban given that it was one warning. You aren't batman running through the streets laying out justice as you see fit, you are a servant of the community and just whipping up punishments as you see fit is not healthy.
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    I also note minor hints of unprofessionalism here "you dont need to tag helix he is already aware" okay? Cool that he knows, don't need you telling me for doing something thats standard on 99.99% of reports.
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    In regards to this I was just saying for me I am not tagging him. You misquoted me, next time grab the whole quote please and don't alter my words. Because the standard for me would have been to tag helix, but I already made him aware of the report so I said that I was not going to tag again and to refrain anyone else from making a tag because that was the end of my evidence post.

    Yes I gave one warning and no you did not stop after a 2nd warning you stopped after a 3rd or so. That is beside the point, you ignored warnings and you still do. The thing is you had to scroll past my warning as well just to copy and paste that and put the giant emoji. My text is in yellow, my name is blue, very hard to miss. In regards to that as well, you were just banned for instigating yet you try your absolute hardest there to instigate a player over multiple instances. You need to stop. You aren't helping anybody by doing that. You have a history with this xpro, and this is why you were given a 5 day ban. You need to stop at first warning. There is no going after that, once you see a warning you stop. Also the mention in 3 lines was under the subject of my warning, if you read any of the 2 of 3 lines (3rd being my warning) you would have read up to it. That is all I have to say here.
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    "no need in tagging him" doesnt say "I won't tag him because he is aware of the report" why dont YOU read what you said instead of trying to belittle me?

    Once again, didn't see the warning, but regardless I would have listened to a warning to stop. "you had to scroll past my warnings" yea exactly, I scrolled past them, I didn't read every message from when I rejoined sb. You tell me I'm trying my absolute hardest to instigate? I give a helpful response and am insulted, so yea I'm going to defend myself. "You need to stop" sounds like you are trying to run a one man vigilante train and ban anyone who doesnt obey your exact words. I finally found out why I already had a sour taste in my mouth of you, you were one of the people shitting all over SGM darkrp with no valid reasons, wouldn't be surprised if that same toxic attitude is carrying into this report. I still only see 2 lines, "cut it out" and "plz" that is 2 lines, and plz isnt exactly that useful without the prior context. And if you're going to suddenly start enforcing a policy of one warning then ban, then belgium should be banned as he continued to comment after your ONE warning.
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    Hey @XpropIayer ,

    After reviewing everything here- I'm going to mark this report invalid.

    Both you and BelgiumFinest were in the wrong here, there's no doubt about that. You two both shouldn't have instigated and escalated the argument between each other in shoutbox.

    BelgiumFinest replied immediately after Inkern's warning at the same time- which is why he wasn't banned for it- there wasn't time for him to read/respond appropriately to the warning. You responded 4 minutes after Theinkern's warning- you had plenty of time to react to it, and "not seeing" the warning is not an excuse.

    Furthermore, you are coming off a ban for this similar behavior from just a week ago. That in itself should be warning enough to stop this behavior. Rather than escalating the argument, you should have approached staff to shut it down. Especially when the other person is trying to end the argument with you multiple times.

    Also, to address what @Theinkern mentioned in the report, I assure you he was not belittling you. He had messaged me before hand to let me know he was about to post his reply to the report for which his comment about tagging me stemmed.

    This ban is appropriate and @Theinkern did nothing wrong here.

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