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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amr, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Amr

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    I don't want to write a whole essay about the benifits and disadvantages of it so I'll keep it short.

    Let's upgrade to Xenforo 2, a slick UI obviously more features and can be even more customizable. Nothing has changed here for the past 4 years can we spice it up a bit on the forums at least. Also let's make more themes that you can pic for the forums instead of being forced into this one dark theme.

    this isn't a suggestion this is a discussion and if the majority decide sure let's do it, then atleast the people running the server will know where we stand.
  2. dazza

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    I am all for the migration, however, it would have to be carried out by highwon as the account holder, hes way too busy and a forum upgrade of that scale would take up too much of his time
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  3. Agent A

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    +1 if it's done properly.
    Any half ass attempt/lazy job on this would make it worse than what we currently have with the xenoforo.
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