Worst service at a restaurant

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Minnesota_Hic, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Minnesota_Hic

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    Thread title
    Can be fast food, normal, or fancy
  2. Wubby

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    burger king,

    i asked for no damn tomatoes, but they still give me them! you're lucky im even going to your place over mcdonalds or in-n-out smh.
  3. Minnesota_Hic

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    So today, I wanted to get Fazoli's and I had this coupon for basically an entire family meal that would've costed at least $60 but for the coupon it only costed $20.

    So we get to Fazoli's and on the way my father told me that the Fazoli's website for the area didn't have a "enter coupons here". So he went to another website which had that option and ordered from there. So we get there and because of Covid we had to go through the drive thru. It was kinda long and took about 15 minutes of waiting. When we finally got to the window and the guy opened it, it was obvious they were short staffed. So they asked if we had an order, we said yes. So my dad asks if breadsticks were a part of the coupon because it's listed on the coupon that u can get 16 breadsticks but Darien ( the first guy ) says there isn't a coupon order online. My dad tends to get angry when someone says something that isn't true so... My dad says that's not true and says he entered it on the sight. It was ordered and charged but we wanted breadsticks. Darien says it's not possible but he asks the manager ( only Darien and the Manager were there by the looks of things ). The manager says it's not a thing also, so my dad starts raising his voice and saying he can prove it. The manager says just to wait and go around to the front and wait, and soon they'll come out and give the food to us. My dad starts trying to ask a question but the manager just shuts the window mid sentence and walks away like he heard nothing. So my father tells me to just wait there at the window instead of going around to the front ( I was driving ). So Darien comes back and says the food is ready he just needs to bag it up. But my father keeps going off about "The customer is right" and points out the shitty service. Darien says how he can't hear when it gets cold. My father just went too apathetic to care enough and said whatever. We waited, got our food, and left. My father is gonna report this to the corporate office tomorrow.

    Never going back there for a while
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    Oof. As a cook that makes me cringe. That shit would not fly where I work.

    I havent really had a TERRIBLE experience but Tim Hortons is slowly degrading in quality and a month ago I asked for a medium french vanilla. I waited a while and I asked if my coffee was almost done and the server said "we dont have french vanilla" (first of all, bullshit you dont, and second why not tell me then?) Then I said "well I'll just take a large coffee then. It's the same price right?" And she went back. I waited another 5 minutes and I'm like okay where's my goddamn coffee and shes like "oops I forgot. Here" and hands me a small coffee with WAY too much cream.

    Tldr: if you visit canada, dont bother going to Tim's. It's worse than McDs
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  5. Minnesota_Hic

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    Oh I forgot to mention, my father originally tried to place an order over the phone but whoever answered the phone said they'd "check if they accepted the code", and then hung up five minutes later
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    The mcdonalds down the street from my apartment gets things wrong pretty often. I even got a free burger coupon from their corporate one time.

    The Pizza Hut I used to work at could have some pretty shitty people working there. I had to make every light sauce or extra sauce order myself because the cooks were too lazy to do it and one time even told me "just but the regular amount on it, they can't tell the difference" (Actually went off on him for that one). If it was busy and I wasn't on shift they would leave the delivery orders out on the delivery shelf and not have anyone bag them, the food stays warm up to 120mins if it's put from the oven into the bag but cools off in 25mins if left out of the bag. I'd say I had about 75% less complaints on my shifts than the other shift leaders' shifts because I tried way harder than them at making sure the food was correct and warm.

    I can't fully comment on this because I don't know the specifics, but at Pizza Hut we had a problem of people trying to use coupons from third party websites that weren't ever coupons our franchise store offered.
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    Went to support a local sports bar for lunch that I've heard good things about.
    They quite literally forgot about us 2 times over a 2 hour gap, ended up finally getting the nastiest ass food about 2 hours and 30 minutes in.
    It was free food by that point, but I can't imagine ever going back.
  8. Minnesota_Hic

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    Fazoli's and pizza hut are different.
    They were legit coupons, it was accepted
  9. Headless Horse

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    ITT:Aspiring Karens
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    I went to a pizza restaurant once with my mother and they gave us our pizza "too early" so when we picked up our slice all the toppings fell off so it was just crust with some tomato sauce. We waited what felt like a hour just to get our pizza. I never went there again.
    0/10 experience.
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  11. Coinspooky

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    never once gotten my order right from burger king
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  12. Mothman

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    One time I ordered spicy chicken nuggets and they gave me regular :mad:
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  13. LeBlonde James

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    Once I ordered good food. Smh can't get anything right :cautious:
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  14. Scrungy

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    I went to a gas station during a road trip with my family and I got a burger and it was green, I blew up that bathroom.
  15. Mothman

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    Did you order a Pretty Patty?
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  16. LeBlonde James

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    Might've been a pretty patty going in, but it wasn't pretty coming out.
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  17. Ordered a a dürüm , didn't get it , its been 8 months ( any day now )
  18. Day

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    dont have a job but there was an amazing mexican restaurant where me and my family used to go to. We were just vibing just eating and the lady worker brings out the wrong fucking order, what the fuck its literally just carne asada fries with some other shit, the tables are even numbered how could you mess that up, shame on the females. But I really don't have that much bad service experiences because at home, I am the worker, cooker, and server (y)
    tl;dr 1 bad experience from a lady, just home cook lol