(WIP) TTT_MineCity v0.002

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Do you like map?

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  1. Island small

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  2. Island medium

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  1. I'm doing make new map which better map small or medium. but island medium is not finish! maybe I need ideas make house or stuff. (you can Suggestions to me about medium). Anyway not need traitor tester. just trap or not



    Note: I just need removed the cactus farm. it's fine
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  2. Teroxa

    Teroxa Vier Fäuste für ein Halleluja Lead Admin VIP Silver

    Looks pretty cool (y)

    I think I'd prefer the small one.
  3. Yes, next one more stuff. but I hate max_map_brushes alot happends. also I removed some/trees

    Photo view:
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  4. Next one.

    Water hurts? Y/N
    T Trap some? Y/N
    T Room? Y/N
  5. luna

    luna Goodnight moon Banned VIP

    medium seems really big, I'd say go with small.

    you should make the water hurt if you go too far, and definitely have a couple t traps and a t room
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  6. ryan

    ryan yeet VIP

    There should be some traps, make the water hurt, and a T room. Maybe a D room as well.
  7. Okie thanks for telling. but I have questions. how to make prop/propper is like less max_map_brushes
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  8. Like. near enderchest inside this ( D room) ?
  9. Create bigger brushes
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  10. Updated!

    Fixed Water
    Fixed Light/Skyblock
    Add Sharpedo Bluff Room inside near D room.
    Add Charmander staus (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Add Storage stuff (Weapons and ammo)
    Add Trap explode insaid Storage
    Add fixs Trees


    I really dont know. it's hard make trap location on. maybe you can asking put where. and T room aswell.

    no u
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  11. Update map.

    Fixed Explode trap (Reducing High to low range)
    Added portal nether (Test & Trap)
    Added T room
    Added Pigs props. (Ofc. you want propkill someone!)
    Remove farm base
    More Models/stuff details
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  12. ryan

    ryan yeet VIP

    I think a D room would work there
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  13. CrownedWings

    CrownedWings Quirkless but still kickin VIP

    Mind if we can call it TTT_MCTreasureTown Sinces Its basically trying to rep the mystery dungeon series
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