Where'd your name come from?

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  1. I was changing my steam name constantly to "Hey guys is X vegan?" (Harambe, cocaine) etc etc, then for a while I was "Hey guys is Harambe vegan?" I used to get muted on here a lot for yelling at people when I died so I changed my name to "ungag harambe" during the middle of a round. Then eventually it became ungag moe, which became silent moe after I promised myself I was going to behave myself and be quieter. Incognito moe was the name I picked for that one time I felt like griefing on GMOD.
  2. MemeDaddy

    MemeDaddy VIP

    Because I was noctorious for my Tbaiting. I used to target people with low karma so they would kill me and get a karma ban. Sometimes I would even eat the slay in order to get them to do it. Amongst a bunch of other shit
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  3. Iuna

    Iuna Goodnight moon VIP

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  4. PiggyBlade ☣

    PiggyBlade ☣ They question the king upon leaving. Banned VIP

    My name has always been TrinityBlade,
    It stands for Triple Infinity Blade.
    It's cringe but that's where it originates from :shrug:
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  5. Ashes Relandi

    Ashes Relandi ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Weeb Admin of SGM Administrator Elite

    My name originates from an infamous ganker in Ultima Online on the Obsidian Shard.

    Pretty much the most popular and hated person as he always had the murderous title and killed anyone who left the safe zones.

    The good days of UO...
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  6. Agent Knockout

    Agent Knockout United, Bulgarians can lift a mountain. Moderator VIP

    Well, as far as I remember, my name comes from the tactic I use:stealth. Sure, I can always make a last stand on a choke point, but stealth is a fun thing.
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  7. Saturnity

    Saturnity SGMs Personal Planet VIP

    Got a randomly generated name from an old Xbox account, was HorarySaturn816
    This turned into just HorarySaturn for a bit
    Then I was like "Doesn't roll off the tongue good enough"
    So I removed the horary, and added ity.
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  8. MrMunkay514™

    MrMunkay514™ better than ryan (especially at payday) VIP

    twitch > 2015

    just put something random always kept it for everything

    but monkey514 sounded eh so i changed it up a little
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  9. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    For my edgy preteens I joined a Warcraft 3 clan and called myself (clan-tag >) AoD_OutSIDer (epic random capital letters).
    Anywho, as a result, people started to call me Sid. And it kinda stuck. Eventually the clan died and since most places don't accept 3 letter names, I switched name to TheSidster 'cause I was used to the nickname. People called me Sid and Siddo, and now I mostly go by Siddo (or Snow, after my ""winter"" name).
  10. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff Banned VIP

    Daniel is a Hebrew name that means "God is my judge". My parents named me that. Dani is just the nickname for Daniel you have here.

    My previous name (and nickname in other places is more interesting): Watsuda. A guy I knew watched Death Note and called Watari, L's assistant guy, "Watsuda" by accident, probably because there's a character named Matsuda in Death Note. I liked that name and made it my nickname years ago.
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  11. Teroxa

    Teroxa Vier Fäuste für ein Halleluja VIP Silver

    My old name was ParaGon.
    I needed/wanted a new name and couldn't think of anything.
    So I threw a coupe letters around and sooner or later got to where I am now. Don't ask me how.
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  12. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    Was actually using Luna as my tag before. Came from Edomae Luna because she was a character from my favorite anime Seto no Hanayome.

    Had to talk in Gmod and I couldn't catfish with Luna so I went with Solar.
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  13. RB1008

    RB1008 VIP

    My usual ingame name has been R.B. for over 8 years now. It is basicly the first letters of my irl name. My first name starts with R, my last name with B.
    Since i've been playing TTT on l4d2 i also acquired the name Racoon, which i use here now since the name R.B. isnt according to SGM rules. The name Racoon originates from that my fellow players on the TTT on l4d2 kept saying that R.B. stood for Raccoon Boy. So since then my profile pic has been a Raccoon on everything game related. I even have a raccoon tattoo on my chest, remembering the amazing years i had with the people from the TTT on l4d2.
  14. Fear☠

    Fear☠ The Dark Lord Legendary

    I just like the word fear...
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  15. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    I chose Zuko because I like the character. I've played with many different names, and it felt like
    I was a complete stranger when I changed my name, since no-one recognised me. After I chose
    Zuko, I became so familiar with y'all and I didn't want to risk me not being recognised again.
  16. Voca

    Voca o.o Administrator VIP

    I have been using Voca as my Nickname since sometime around 2011 where my brother showed me what a Vocaloid was and I imediately got into the music, as the simple minded child I was, I just removed some letters from Voca-loid and the name have just stuck to me ever since, I feel weird trying out other names even if its ingame jokes o.o

    The name I used before Voca..... Wait for it..... KirbyFan back in my old MW2 days where I also watched Kirby Right Back at Ya.
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  17. Floof

    Floof Ball of Floof Banned VIP Silver

    I originally got lilpup618 from minecraft, where i combined lilpup from one game and 618 from another. When I got active in SGM late 2017/early 2018, I began to seek a new name.
    I went by Lil X for a while in game, and later on Shamaan pm’ed me on the forums telling me to change my name to Lil Pupper. I did just that. Later on Osmium gave me the nickname Floof so I got my name changed to Lil Floof. I mainly kept “Lil” for a while because it helped people recognize me, but eventually I dropped it and got my current name.
  18. veL

    veL VIP

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  19. My Dime Is Up

    My Dime Is Up It's go time VIP

    I was just thinking of a good pun. Was looking at some photos and found my avatar. Thought of a punny pun, and boom.
  20. Fregley

    Fregley ThErE aRe StOrIeS wAiTiNg To Be MaDe VIP Silver

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