What do you consider self-implication.

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  1. Here's the scenario; you watched a Person (we'll call him T1) get ran over by a car on MC 67th. T1 turns out to be a traitor.

    A few minutes after that you are suspicious of a person being a Traitor (Lets call him T2.) Now you ask T2 what is he doing on constructions, while also claiming suspicion. T2 says, "I'm not a traitor, I killed a T." You ask him which T he killed, which he replies, "I killed T1."

    Now you know 100% that T1 did not die from T2, but rather that he got ran over by a car. Your suspicion now turns to a KOS because T2 lied. T2 turns out to be a traitor all along, but after killing him he reports you, saying "Lying is not KOS, RDM."

    Lying is not in the rules, I am aware, but he gave a name of a traitor that you know did not die from being shot. Lying implies he's trying to hide the fact he's a T; self-implication. When you know absolutely that what he said was not true at all, it should not be considered Toxic Gameplay, neither as an RDM. If the moderators/admins/lead admins also did not review that round, how is it fare to be slayed for those said reaons.
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    I, like you, would kill this person since its common sense but the way the rules are you would be slain for it which is pretty stupid since you are using your head to figure out things
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    That is not self implication in the slightest. When you're playing traitor, it's your job to make it seem like you're innocent while at the same time eliminating people until you win, which naturally includes lying to pass as innocent. If you know the person is lying, it just raises even more suspicion on them, but doesn't mean they're a traitor since they didn't say they did something wrong, they just said something that isn't true.

    Self implication means that the person (without directly KOSing themselves, which would cause them to be slayed) admits to committing a traitorous act.

    Directly admitting in chat that you have, say, killed someone that was confirmed innocent, you are saying that you are making progress towards the traitor's victory. If you are a traitor or not, doesn't matter as well.
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    Sneezing in voice chat whenever a C4 blows up is self-implication and i will defy all rules and kill anyone that does it. mods are SMELLY, slay me no balls
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    Innocents can lie to? In fact, I've lied about being proven before as an innocent just to get detectives off my ass. How can you be so sure that person x is actually a T?
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    Self implication is more like "I just bought a harpoon" or "I only have 1 credit left" things that are specifically unique to being a traitor. Lying is super suspicious, but not unique to being a traitor. Self-implication is a rarity

    Note that asking how to do something is usually not self-implication, for example "what button opens the T menu?" "How do you arm a c4?" Since this is asking for instructions but not specifically saying they can/will do them. Most people ask this stuff the round after their T-round anyways
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    When I catch someone lying I will follow their every move until they commit a T act. I don't usually kill people for: destroying health stations, passing unided bodies (note: not running away from one), a few instances of false kos, even killing an rdmer. But if I catch them lying I will kill them 100%
    Like for instance, I saw Bad Adult kill someone with a shotgun, they turned out to be inno, though Bad Adult looked at me and didn't react at all. Because the person he killed was someone I saw for the first time I for a moment thought Bad Adult killed an rdmer, though in chat I said "Bad Adult acts suspicious". He asked "why?". The very same instant I put a kos on him. I know, this isn't lying, but he knew that he killed an inno and should be suspicious, I also knew that an inno wouldn't ask why he would be suspicious after killing a person.
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