What do u guys think about nazi staff??

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Blue❀, Jan 3, 2019.

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  1. Blue❀

    Blue❀ VIP

    You know those staff members who report you for killing friends (not even regarding them) and then bans you for rdm?
    Like or dislike? Why?
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  2. Don't rdm friends with staff on lmao easy as that
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  3. Pacifist

    Pacifist Very Strange Lead Admin VIP+ Bronze

    fuckin' hate em
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  4. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Nazi staff will save us from the evil fun
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  5. ryan

    ryan yeet VIP

    Hello Blue, I banned you for Mass RDM x3 for doing intentional rdm with a prop. As a player with around 100 hours should know that we don't accept rdm on our servers.
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  6. Floof

    Floof Just a ball of Floof Moderator MVP Silver

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  7. Teroxa

    Teroxa Vier Fäuste für ein Halleluja Lead Admin VIP Silver

    We report damage like that to keep you from RDMing your friends.
    This is not something "Nazi staff" how you call them do, but all staff members infact.
    And what they do is absolutely right.
    RDM is against the rules - even if the victim allows it.

    If you randomly kill someone, even if they are your friend that might cause a chain reaction of different events.

    Somebody may see you doing that and call a KOS on you. After you've been killed for that KOS, the person who called it gets killed for KOSing an innocent, just because you decided to RDM your friend.
    Or you leave DNA behind and the detective starts following that and a huge firefight ensues when he starts shooting you. People get confused who started it and maybe shoot the wrong guys and some get caught in crossfire.

    Or maybe a couple things happen at once. Someone kills you for killing your friends, someone else sees that and calls a KOS. Another player follows that KOS, but dies in the firefight and so on ...
    Just to name a few examples.

    You see, it's really not as simple as you might think. It doesn't just stop after killed your friend and that's it. Or at least you can't guarantee that's the case.
    It's more complicated than that.
    Such RDMs even though they may seem insignificant at first can cause a chain reaction of events that ultimately ruins the fun for a lot of people.

    All that can be avoided if you just don't RDM your friend.
    That's why we don't allow this.
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  8. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for taking the time to make this Mass RDM x3 appeal.
    I ate a booger today and it tasted like horseradish. Should I see a doctor?

    Appeal: denied
    Thread unlocked.
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  9. Lordyhgm

    Lordyhgm Karma drain Administrator VIP

    Yeah but one smack with a barrel turns into a battle and then someone kills you for it, they're KOSed, and their killer is too. It's not about stopping your fun, it's about stopping it from causing non-involved people to die, iow mildly inconveniencing them or ruining their round.

    Also, no need to associate people who committed genocide with people who make a few people sit-out so they don't ruin the fun of others lol.
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  10. Togo

    Togo Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

    yeah ayo yo fuck staff
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  11. Glyph

    Glyph Steyr AUG Fetishist VIP

    I think the simple answer is really "stop trying to minge and just play the game the server you joined is hosting". In TTT, there's no way to just 'have some fun rdming your friends' in isolation without causing chain reactions or other problems that will affect the game for everyone. If you so desperately want to kill each other, just go join a sandbox deathmatch game, there's like eleventy billion of them.

    While you're at it, don't RDM staff members on their T rounds as part of your "fun" and then complain when suddenly they're not so happy with your fun.
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  12. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    Couldn't be bothered to read this long speech.

    Wait...who else was German and made long speeches??

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  13. Anastesia Lawes

    Anastesia Lawes The strongest light is the one within Banned VIP Silver Emerald

    If you bothered to read the rules you would see that killing your friends for no reason is still counted as rdm
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  14. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    Yeah, "nazi" seems to have become a meme word that people use too lightly nowadays. They were terrible people who did unforgivable things. You might say many of them were just following orders, but that does not excuse it.

    Exactly, you are ruining the round for other people by putting yourself into a game with rules that involves others, but then isolating yourself from it and breaking the rules.

    Also, it makes no sense to call mods Nazis. Moderators always have to go by book and don't really decide when or how to punish people themselves. You could say that they're just following orders. Wait, "following orders"?

  15. Teroxa

    Teroxa Vier Fäuste für ein Halleluja Lead Admin VIP Silver

    Shh @Dani don't expose us.
    We need more time to build our army.
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  16. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    Can I join? Anschluss when?
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  17. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    SGM needs Lebensraum
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  18. UncleBee

    UncleBee VIP

    buy elite armour, it will increase your defense against staff by 900+
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  19. Tick

    Tick Member

    all staff are nazi @Timo654 is the biggest nazi
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  20. Prisma

    Prisma We caught em. VIP Bronze

    I agree ;)
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