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Should they be added

  1. YES!!!

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  2. No, fuck off

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  3. haha ak goes brrr

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  1. Ok, you might've read the title and proceeded to type down a 15-page Google doc exposing me for saying cock one time in sb, but hear me out.

    Right now vanilla isn't vanilla (we got rank weapons and harpoons), so why don't add more stuff to the roster so unranked players can actually have a chance against Ranked weapons, instead of either dying or having to wait for a rank weapon dropping.

    Basically, what I'm trying to suggest is to add the weapons that are linked in the Steam workshop URL, maybe HL2 weapons are not necessary, and maybe even organized as seen on the same addon page (screenshot attached).

    Please don't burn me down, just answer yes or no, and if you want to you could leave some feedback :^)


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  2. Yellow

    Yellow VIP

    They are too lazy to change the stats of 1 weapon, they aren't going to add 10 new ones.:penguin:
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  3. remove ak, add all of these besides the hl2 weps because I think they're really ugly(besides the D wep). Both auto snipers would make the server way more fun imo
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  4. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    Nerf AK like everyone has been saying for years. Make knife ONE hit. Why does the knife have a sound and is not a one hit? Why is harpoon, something you can glitch and kill through walls a one kill and has no sound?
    Everything on this shit is backwards.
    Adding more shit wouldn't be vanilla, but nerfing and rebalancing weapons would make this so much better. I remember the times when everyone and their mother would use a mac10 and a deagle. Now we got some trash AK that is a cash grab, ruins the whole server. Most people playing this shit server because it is the last vanilla server, and has been the last vanilla server for years, and its not even fucking vanilla.
    Fucking I saw 4 legendaries, that is 800 dollars, and the server still fucking blows. Let us remove banned people because a 10kb file makes a huge difference in the performance where a CPU can compute 230189312 numbers in a mere second. Add fucking sourcebans 4head.
    Fuck, this community is unplayable.
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  5. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

    At the very least, can we make the knife an one hit? (Would love to see the weapons added though)
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  6. server rework when
  7. waffle

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