Finished Vip+ Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Trevor ッ, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Trevor ッ

    Trevor ッ VIP Bronze

    The simple rules to be added to the drawing are to rate this post with the heart, and write your fondest memory of me. If i have not had the pleasure of playing with you just simply write we have not yet played together. I will pick the winner via a drawing website and give whoever it is the Vip+, you may enter for someone else but you have to specify in your comment and @ them. If you win but have Vip+ or higher already i will let you pick who you want to win. Good Luck, Feburary 14th will be when i draw for this. (If you win and need to wait for me to get it for you so your already existing premium vip expires i can wait)
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  2. Vohcals

    Vohcals VIP

    no memories but i play on the server with you in it alot, would love to get to know you :)
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  3. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    When you sent me this piece of art
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    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    I have little to no memories with you, But That Smiley face was in the name of a Helper from an old community that I was in, We weren't really close... Brought back some meme-ories
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  5. littlememe

    littlememe nothinglastsforever VIP Bronze

    Minecraft song - I love it :love:
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  6. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    Don't know you too much, but those minecraft songs.
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  7. the application spray and crowning me king of the jihad
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  8. Darth Gorgamel

    Darth Gorgamel A Dark Lord of the Sith VIP Emerald

    Memory was of you telling me that you needed a slay. You asking for one left me an impression of how you are.
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  9. NoHackJustGood

    NoHackJustGood Hai :) VIP Silver

    Playing with you on Deathrun :3
    Entering for @French Toast (VIP+ is probably expiring soon).
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  10. i don't know you lol, you'll still be entered in the giveaway
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  11. Acnologia

    Acnologia modern desperado VIP Silver

    Hearing your voice.
    I'll enter for @Rick .
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  12. We have not played but you seem like a really nice guy!
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  13. urke018

    urke018 Supporter

    You, Highwon and me playing alone :D
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  14. I've played with you but not really WITH you if you get what I'm trying to say (we've been on the same server but I haven't really talked or anything)
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  15. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster I'll remember you, if you remember me. <3 VIP

    Sadly, I've never had an experience or a memory of you.

    I don't know if we've ever even met.
    Thanks for the giveaway, though!
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  16. Skyrossm

    Skyrossm Ideal Female Moderator? VIP Emerald Bronze

    You were being an idiot in shoutbox.

    Entering for @Koishi (she needs to get rid of that horrid purple)
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  17. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

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  18. Iuna

    Iuna Goodnight moon VIP

    We got to into an argument about a report.
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  19. Delicion

    Delicion VIP

    Talking about our crush's
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  20. MustacheMan

    MustacheMan Member

    I remember when we blocked the doors on Community Pool. xDDDDD
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