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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by HoneySenpai<3, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Pentrion

    Pentrion Jake from State Farm VIP

    I've been here since April 2014

    The thing I love most has gotta be all the hilarious moments I have while playing, such as housekeeping!

    @Guilty is the second biggest scrub that ever scrubbed (The first is ThatScrub)

    Please don't pick me as a winner, I just wanted to call Guilty a scrub, because why not!
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  2. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers Lil Tokyo VIP Silver

    May 26th 2014? I'll have it checked later for the exact date.

    What I like most about the community has to be the amount of friendly people in it.
  3. Serious Lawyerbot

    Serious Lawyerbot Supporter

    Joined August of 2013 i believe around the 4th. What i love most about this community is how we murderize each other than proceed to laugh! Best community!
  4. Brahma

    Brahma Homecoming. VIP Silver

    Beginning of September
  5. ryan4win

    ryan4win I was supposed to do great things Banned VIP+ Silver

    October 23 2013
    My friends are what I like most.
    @Guilty is a scrub :love:
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  6. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    I joined around September of last year. I enjoy having my friends hang out with me on servers. Also, @Guilty is a scrub. :sneakylove:
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  7. megaboy

    megaboy I got this game for Fathers day VIP

    I joined Feb 2013 8th
    The community and the people is what I love most about the community.
    @Guilty is my homie though, so I want call him a scrub. Thanks for doing this for the community btw Senpai~
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  8. Turquoise

    Turquoise Princess of Vanilla VIP

    At first, October or November of 2013. Second (Where I stayed for the most part) Late May and early June of 2014.
    Idunno why I'm still here. Also, that @Guilty fellow is quite the scrub....and blood for the blood god @kynwall
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  9. Arcanius

    Arcanius Oh, you like it there VIP

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  10. ink

    ink Genuine Happiness VIP Silver

    Started june,2014
    I love the friendly trash talking on this server.
    Once again, @Guilty is the winner of scrub of the year award.
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  11. Butters

    Butters VIP

    Joined September 7th, 2014.

    I love the STTT community; has the best servers i've ever been to.
    Great staff and tons of great people too. (y)

    edit: guilty is a scrub ?
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
  12. kynwall

    kynwall "Painting Roses" VIP

    I first joined on December 13, 2013 if I recall correctly and there are far to many reason why I enjoy these servers, for me to list.
    I am just here for the lulz, I don't want your VIP giveaway ;) <3
    @Your Profile Skulls for the skull throne, all hail Khorne.
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  13. Rasta

    Rasta kektop VIP

    October 20th 2013 Is when i joined.

    Best thing about these servers is the friendly community and vibe.
  14. BigBoyMansion

    BigBoyMansion Banned

    around April 2014

    You Liar. November hasn't happened on 2015 yet.
  15. Bot

    Bot aimbot 4ever <3 VIP Bronze

    Played on the STTT servers on Valentine's day ❤️. Then became a member on March 29 ,2014

    I love this community so much I'll take a ban for you ... Except for @Guilty he's a nasty scrub.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
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  16. September 2014
    I like the scrubs in this community.

    @Guilty is a scrub and he's also a scrub
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  17. First played on the servers, specifically West, on July 20th, 2013.

    Joined the forums on February 17th, 2014

    Officially became a part of the community somewhere around July 11th, 2014

    @Guilty ur cute
    loljk ur ugly, rly ugly like srs
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  18. s1rcool

    s1rcool Active Member VIP

    I joined when Sinz wasn't Lead Admin yet.Don't know the exact date.
    I like the Strict rules and enjoyable community to play with.
  19. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    I Joined July 3rd 2013, took a leave for around 2 months and then stayed for the long run.
    I like the amount of trust and respect for others in this community and how the higher up staff members don't hide anything from us so there isn't a sense of corruption withing the community itself.
    @Guilty u r aye fawkboi <3 :sneakylove:
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  20. HoneySenpai<3

    HoneySenpai<3 VIP Silver

    30,more minutes to enter than can i have this locked untill i wake up and give the winner their prize
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