Accepted [Vanilla] ttt_mc_christmastown

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Marshal Zuijj, May 29, 2020.

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  1. KatxWind

    KatxWind VIP

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  2. aite i'm posting this here because i used too much brain juice to not show it off.

    one time use per round. what i won't reveal is how you GET to it, or what the rest of that room looks like
    maps pretty close to completion at this point.
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  3. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning I've Been ... Thunderstruck!!! VIP Silver

    Looks really cool Zuijj. Can't wait to play the map and see this in action.
  4. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    I love the original (minus all of the dead ends mentioned in the OP). Gimme the MC version lets gooooo! (y)
  5. KatxWind

    KatxWind VIP

    Where's Zuko >:L
  6. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 tell me pretty lies Moderator VIP Silver

    can't wait to play on this
  7. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    Eh, its okay. If I did this, it would've been better, just saying. I guess cool? Good job marshal, only took you a whole 7 months to complete this okay map.
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  8. Racerboy

    Racerboy VIP

    wheres ttt underscore mc underscore port huh? been waiting on that for years
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  9. how am i gonna add zuko when you havent even linked a zuko picture smh smh my head my head
  10. Wolfy53

    Wolfy53 VIP

    My judgement is... +1
    Keep up the good work on these new maps guys.
  11. audrey

    audrey batty VIP

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  12. oops noticed there's no picture on here of the decorated christmas tree. i also added a moon to the skybox, which makes the map Very Cool.

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  13. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    Damn that skybox is 10/10 would skybox again
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  14. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    Its okay, I've seen better. The sprites are okay I suppose. I like how you are doing different colored sprites, makes the map more okay. I've seen a better dark map that has a better more pixelated skybox. Other than that, its an okay map. If it were me, I would've just left the map making to the porting community. They make better maps. I mean, its an okay map, don't get me wrong, but I've seen better ported maps than this one shown here.
  15. my implementation of a t-triggered bomb:

    it has a two second delay between triggering and exploding, so it's not shit like the creeper heads on community pool.
    it's pretty damn light so you really can't arm it and then toss it at people, since it doesn't throw well. however, i have found that arming it and shooting it to move it pretty effective. while dodging a moving armed explosive is pretty tough, at least it's not a lost cause since you hear a fucker shooting the duck in the first place, and hear the duck quacking.

    two seconds is long enough to get away from it before it blows up. if you have a slow reaction and start running 1 second into the timer, you'll still survive with about 60 hp.

    the range is pretty girthy, here's the damage from it's spawn to the back of that store:


    map is pretty much done. expect a release probably sunday maybe today if not today, then monday.

    edit: fuck youtube made my vid way darker than ingame lmao
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  16. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    Map looks pretty good
    Are there any more cool things?
    Pretty great YEP COCK, I mean DUCK you got.
    Should be fun to play this map.
    Usually Minecraft maps are ported, but you took your time to make something great.
    Can I get on the trees?
    Keypad is still a thing in the motel?
    Sad that I won't get out of the map again.
    Are there health stations around in hospital?
    Safe to say this map will be better than the original.
    Shall see how this map goes.

    Read the first letter of every sentence, its great.
    But no, really, this map is probably going to be the best map out there because of how much time marshal put in.
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  17. KatxWind

    KatxWind VIP

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  18. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    I was about to call you a pathological liar if you didn't release it on Monday.
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  19. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

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