Investigating [Vanilla TTT] Assassin funround's target chain can break and leave people with no target.

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by iii, Jan 1, 2020.

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    I don't know if this is the actual reason it broke, but this time around my target fell off less than 1 second into the round (bottom middle of the screen), the marker showed for that first second and immediately vanished when they actually died and when the 10 seconds passed I didn't get a new target.

    I made this video of my demo of it happening:
    Event logs of that round:

    Other people complained or talked about (or answered when I asked) that they had no target, in order:
    me -- my target fell off and then I didn't have a target anymore
    Peter Wham -- who killed 3 seemingly random targets(00:04, 00:12 and 00:20), though if it was just people falling off then j3kawesome(?) also fell off, it could have been from him.
    RICKERT -- who killed the person who killed me (00:32, tsailors10)
    Indy226 -- who killed the person that killed the person that killed Peter Wham (00:51, Ravioli (Sleep, 00:43))
    A$$ CH33KS -- who killed 2 targets and then killed RICKERT (00:23, 01:25, 01:41)
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    This is one of the ways to re-create it, but it bugs on other maps so its unlikely this is the true cause, for now its random.

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    What i've seen cause it throughout the last few games:

    • Someone shoots someone else who isn't their target, leading to their death.. The person who was targeting that player doesnt get a new radar scan
    • Someone is slain at the beginning of the round so they dont get a radar (Person slain was their target)
    • Target dies from fall damage

    There might be more reasons, but these are the common three I see ran into.