Investigating [Vanilla TTT] Assassin funround's target chain can break and leave people with no target.

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by iii, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. iii

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    Assassin funround's target chain can break and leave people with no target.
    Applies to:
    Vanilla TTT
    On East, round 4 of ttt_portals_v9 and ~6:55pm in server, various players did not have a target.

    I'm pretty sure I caused the bug due to moving to spectator as soon as the round started, I suspect it was that because I was still receiving radar updates for my targets while dead and the people saying they didn't have a target seemed to come one after the other, which fits the chain way that the funround works.

    If the above is true, then all you would have to do is move to spectator after the round started (possibly as soon as it started) and the person who was hunting you would not get a new target(and so would the person who is hunting them after they're killed, and henceforth).​
    Steps to Recreate:
    - Move to spectator after the round started, possibly as soon as the round started.​
  2. Highwon

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    I'm unable to re-create this scenario. Whenever I move to spectator as soon as the round begins, the targets are re-assigned appropriately. I do see the client side radar still being active however that is not what is causing the issue here. Do you have any additional info that could help me pinpoint the issue?
  3. iii

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    I don't :/
    The only thing I noticed at the time is that my radar kept pointing to the person I was supposed to kill (and then the next person afterwards) even though I was in spectator, and that as people died some were complaining about their radar not giving them a target.
  4. Bad Adult

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    this also used to work if someone would kill themselves or die to fall. I had this happen to me on haven and i made it to final 2 and it wouldnt letmypu shoot the last target either. So if this glitch happens you literally cannot shoot anyone or you take damage.
  5. Night

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    I did a bug report like this a couple of days ago but I forgot where it went, in extreme cases the round gets delayed making the two players alive being unable to do nothing, like I said on my report that I think got deleted, its like impossible to recreate.
  6. LBPotatoes

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    This still happens and sometimes it happens randomly. I had my target in my vision the whole time and the target thing went away and I couldn’t hurt them anymore
  7. The Muffinman

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    was in the game with potatos and can show video of this happening to me
  8. iii

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    I've experienced this bug again, though this time I didn't notice anything different:

    The last target I had was someone on that roof that I shot, but ultimately fell to their death after I shot them off.
    I only started recording after I didn't have a target.