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    Not sure if many of you beside Elvis play this game, or are super interested.
    But ranks are coming out this week, at the latest next week.
    Here they are:
    If you've played twenty matches already, you will supposedly be automatically assigned a rank. However, if this worries you, the ranks reset after beta is over and the game is released. They're also planning on doing seasons and resetting ranks each season. If you're in a good rank and you lose it once a season ends, it won't be hard to get that rank back. It's not a full reset.
    What y'all think?
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    wait ill just get a rank w/o having to do qualifiers or somethin?
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    Img is messed up
  4. -tyler

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    If you've already played twenty matches, nah. New players will have to play twenty unrated matches however. But they base it more off of pure skill, kills, plants, defuses, econ rating, etc. More than just win loss.
    However if you reach the highest of ranks, they weigh it way more on a win/loss ratio than anything else. It gets less skill based the higher you go, due to the assumption your teammates are competent enough to do things the correct way.
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    game is okay, i love playing it with my friends and messing around in the voice chat. but i seriously hate the fucking people that sit there in a corner with a fucking judge 1 shotting everyone. i hope they get shot in the streets as the degenerates they are.
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    great name lmfao
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    Ranked came out yesterday. Got Bronze 2 and deranked to Bronze one. But today I did really well in a lot of my matches and climbed up to Silver two. It's incredibly easy to climb, and the game doesn't punish you if you end up carrying your team with a 30-bomb and still end up losing the match. In fact when I did that, my rating increased slightly due to the kill diff between my teammates.
    If you drop more than 25 kills and win the match, you're almost certain to rank up. You can also rank up more than one rank at one time, I went from Bronze 2 to Silver 1 because of well I did in a match.
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    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    I've been livestreaming recently and I've grinded from bronze 3 to gold 2, so come watch if y'all wanna. You can also earn drops from my livestream, if you don't have a key.
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    I’ve been waiting weeks for a key. I really want to play this game, I’m super hype for it.
  10. -tyler

    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    It's coming out next week if I'm not mistaken!
    EDIT: The week after, June 2nd : )!
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    As a player on closed beta. I believe it has a lot of potential, pretty good game. But the mechanics are still broken, if you experienced the game itself or seen pro players comment about the game, you will find out that there are a lot of game issues. Like peekers advantage, strafing animations, also I believe this might be the most toxic community I've ever seen. I played a total of around 25 games already and I can say from all of them I only played 1 game where I met really nice people with a decent set of skills. The rest were blatantly toxic and will comment on every mistake or gameplay you'll do even if it's the correct one. I played csgo for over 2k hours and over 500 hours on LoL and I can say that valorant is more toxic. But again this is still Closed-beta so maybe counter-measures will be placed to counter these current issues.

    Also imo some utility and ults need a nerf. Raze's bot can literally ace with just blowing up near them.

    I found the game lacking in the fun genre, there's ALOT of corners which make it time-consuming and easily get 1-tapped when peeking. Maps aren't that engaging and the pre-round is too long which makes you lose interest. These ofc as mentioned by the developers exist to prevent op measures when using the ultimate, but to make the game 'playable' as the developers of the game mentioned, they're sacrificing the fun in the game.
    Which I believe is what makes the game likeable.

    I believe if this game doesn't pick up, another one will take it's place in a year or two, cause of it's demand. Same like H1z1, Overwatch, Pubg, and COD warzone.

    (also, I got me key in like 2 hours, :p)
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  12. its more like CS and paladins, but yeah.
    its kinda fun tbh.
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    Same difference
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    I don't know how to add friends on Valorant.
  15. MrUnknownShadow#9999
    The game is good but it’s getting taken down on the 28th then opening public around june 2nd so hopefully they make some changes to like sound and characters would be nice