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  1. Pelvis

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    I was lucky enough to grab a code for the game, and have been playing it for the last couple of days. I wanted to hear your thoughts on the game and the characters they have in the beta. Post your Riot ID and tagline if you want to play with others, too.

    Ill just do a pros and cons thing for this right now, it'll probably change as i play over the next few months.

    The game feels incredibly close to CS: Source for me. Lot of people have told me its a direct rip off of CS:1.6 in terms of the movement, but I never played it. The movement is incredibly fluid and I can bhop forever.

    I dont like how forgiving the gun play is. You dont exactly have to be "accurate" to land your shots, but its not exactly a spray and pray. Its just forgiving as hell. There have been times where ive been running 1 tapped, times where I have been strafe tapped through mid doors on haven, and absolutely stomped on by a guy falling. Its almost as if "first shot accuracy" is always there except for the operator. Ive landed shots that I know for sure werent on their head, which surprised both of us when they died.

    The maps feel great. I love haven and the other one, but not the one with the teleporters. I just dont know that map yet enough to really enjoy it. Ive gotten shit on in the few games ive played on it.

    The buy time imo is long af. That cause I mainly play hanzo and I dont really have to setup, so im just sitting there bhopping around for 30 seconds.
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    I haven't found a key yet but I've been watching streams and I think my favorite agents are Cypher and Jett (not just because my name is Jett lol). Since it's still in early access there seems to be quite a few gameplay bugs that still need to be worked out, such as people getting trapped inside Sage's barrier, but all in all I can definitely see myself putting hours into this game.
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  4. Pelvis

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    Yeah there’s a few bugs, but honestly there aren’t that many for a game in beta. The only ones I’ve seen so far are the sage wall and not being able to alt tab without your game crashing, which happens to me all the time. I can’t alt tab at all or else I have to restart my game.

    cypher is strong as fuck. His cameras go invis so unless you see them being thrown there’s a hella chance you’ll never find them in the round, giving him insane information. I think there needs to be a light or something that comes on when he is using it like how siege does their cameras.

    the bitch with the rocket launcher is stupid OP. It was 12-11, my team winning, and it was a 4v1 us winning. The raze was on the other team and got all 4 of us with 1 rocket and they managed to win OT because of that shit. Honestly pissed me off how OP that is, but I KNOW they have to change it. There isn’t a universe where that shit stays that strong.

    I’ve seen a lot of people using the vandal, the AK variant in csgo, instead of the phantom, the m4 variant in csgo. They both do the same damage at the same distances, the only difference is the rate of fire and the recoil patterns. I love the m4 because of the added rate of fire, I feel it makes the recoil pattern much much easier. For the first 8-10 shots you just gotta pull slightly down from 0-20 meters. Anything farther and you burst fire. With the AK it’s the first 5 shots and anything farther you burst. However, with both you have to reset after those first accurate shots or else that shits never going to hit. It’s not like csgo how you can learn every single shot in the pattern. It’s going to have a lot of randomness to the shots which makes hard spraying someone difficult.
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  5. Uglubathr kaetilbiornsson

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    I just got the code, im downloading it rn. My username is CH1LDM0L3574
    add me if you wanna play.
  6. Just got the mf code, hope to god the movement is fluid cuz it looks choppy on video, but it is barely in closed beta so I can't complain just yet.

    I think the tremor guy is fairly overpowered and the explosive girl has a terribly short ranged ult. Her abilities look like goo though, that shit looks way too cartoony compared to everything else they got going on.
  7. Pelvis

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    It feels exactly like source. When you jump it sows you down when you hit the ground just like source. The bhopping is just like source too, incredibly easy.
  8. Panda With a Gun

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    Game looks pretty fun and solid, but the graphics and the death animations make it look like a mobile game
  9. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    I agree with you but I think that’s what makes it “fresh”. It’s just a different style that most players wouldn’t be used to
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  10. Pelvis

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    I would change the sonic arrow that “Hanzo” has. As of right now it only shows players if they have a line of sight to the arrow. If change it to stay to that, but also make it show players that are within a certain range even if they can’t directly see the arrow. Maybe 5-7 meters is far enough if they can’t see the arrow
  11. Bad Adult

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    *Cough cough* counterstrike overwatch mashup *cough cough*
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  12. Pelvis

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    I mean if you want to think of it that way then yes, its a mashup of overwatch and CSGO, but only for a few things. One of the most major things is the hanzo character. Really the only thing like hanzo that he has is the sonic arrow. Try to think of the 3 games as completely different.
  13. Bad Adult

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    im not trying to shit on ur parade but hanzo is basically ripped from ow. Valorant still looks like a good game and i will probably get it soon.
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  14. Dodley27

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    If I get a key I will stream it on twitch with mic
  15. Played a couple games and the things that stand out to me are the mobile game looking animations and need for balancing. Obviously the closed beta is put in place for future balance changes, but that is my only real complaint as of now. For example, cipher feels realllly weak compared to the duelist heroes, but that is because he is strictly information oriented and has no ability to directly damage enemies. Meanwhile you got rocket launcher girl that has 4 damaging abilities. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that riot need to find a way to fairly balance the different play styles that their heroes offer.

    Also, getting hit makes you go at fucking snails pace and it makes wide angle peaks impossible.
  16. Pelvis

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    That’s why the different characters have specific roles. Cypher, as you said is more of an information gatherer. If you are defending a site you’d want to always have a duelist holding with you as an anchor and you as cypher would be the rotate for support mostly.
  17. Humancowcakes ❀

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    jett looks like a zenyatta rip with his knives
    sage is pretty much a zenyatta rip (also mei with the wall)
    sova - hanzo
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  18. Pelvis

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    God this entire game had me on my toes.
  19. AnarkisT

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    Got a key last week, add me if anyone wants to play

    AnarkisTx NA1
  20. -tyler

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    Did a valorant run of the parkour they have in the tutorial section, my best *recorded* time so far is 1:58.
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