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    Your In Game Nickname:
    Your Steam ID:

    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    I was banned only because my name was V5
    Evidence of Innocence:

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    I have seen this, and I'll be responding once I post my evidence. Please be patient!
  4. NoHackJustGood

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    Let's jump right into this!

    Like mentioned above, you were banned because you refused to change your name so that it includes 3 English characters. Why? The !motd states that you must include at least 3 in your name.
    I gave numerous warnings in-game, and you still refused to change it. I'll be posting my evidence below along with my reasoning. Keep in mind that I gave you more warnings than what I'm about to show you. I'd be more than happy to post the others if requested.
    This is the first message I sent you. You refused to change your name, and I decided to ask you to change it one final time before kicking you. I gave you until the end of next round to do so, but you still refused as seen in this video. This is what led to your kick.
    After kicking you, you returned to the server with the same name, and I warned you to change your name again as seen in this screenshot. In addition, I explained to you why your name had to be changed. I gave you until the end of the round, and you didn't bother changing your name. This is what led to your 8-hour ban.
    I talked to my administrator, @PixeL, and he believed that I followed protocol correctly and that I dealt with this situation appropriately. In my opinion, this ban wasn't needed as you were only attempting to keep your name. Therefore, I will be unbanning you, and this ban won't be counted against you in the future. In the future, please include 3 English characters in your name. If you have any questions regarding this appeal or what occurred on the server, you can start a conversation with me here on the forums by clicking here.

    Appeal: Approved
    Ban: Voided
    Thread: Locked
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