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Until we meet again

Discussion in 'Farewells' started by .shirt, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord Banned VIP Silver Emerald

    I'd say sad to see you go, but Im rarely on here anyway. I just wanted to change my status to annoy autists who are wondering "what can i do to annoy him next"

    you know how to get to me, great decision to leave have a happy life
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  2. Aquast

    Aquast nothing VIP

    good bey good boy
  3. ey We didn't get along that much but hope you come back until Stay fresh and see you once you come back!
  4. Death

    Death Ummm.. hi? VIP

    Cool dude.
    May we meet again.
  5. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Pb Admin Lead Admin Elite

    Dude just left in game lol.

    Glad to see you’re sticking around in the community to hang out with us.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.